RazaLean PM Review

This review of RazaLean PM nighttime fat burner will go in depth in order to give you the pros, cons, side-effects, pricing, and how the ingredients work to give you a better idea if this product is worth trying or skipping.

Best for adults that: Want to lose weight naturally and need more support throughout the night.

What Is RazaLean PM?

Official product name: RazaLean PM™

What is RazaLean PM? – Razalean PM is here to protect your dreams and help you reach them.  Because it is a nighttime pill, it works to achieve your goals while you’re fast asleep. Finally we have a weight loss supplement designed to help you cut those extra pounds in your sleep. This product works best when combined with the original RazaLean. Together they give you support all day and all night. Fortunately, RazaLean PM works well on it’s own too, so you can sleep peacefully knowing that you are reaching your goals from the comfort of your own bed. Keep reading to see how RazaLean PM works in order to help you shed more unwanted weight during the nighttime hours.

Is RazaLean PM recommended? – Yes. Sleep is an essential part of weight loss and if you’re not getting the rest you need, it will be much harder to reach your weight loss goals. It may sound a little too good to be true. Is it? If you think it is, then let us help you understand more about the importance of better sleep when trying to lose weight.

Where can RazaLean PM be purchased? – Your best bet for customer security and special offers is the official site – [https://razalean.com/]

Benefits of RazaLean PM:

Drawbacks of RazaLean PM:

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RazaLean PM Reviews & Testimonials

razalean pm reviews before and after

After Hands on Research, How Did Our Team Feel about Razalean PM?

Everyone desires something. You ended up here, so we assume you’re like most of us. You want to see results in your weight loss. Maybe you’ve even been trying everything, but nothing is working. I’m happy to say that you have come to the right place. We love and recommend this product. You may still be worried because you have tried other products and they failed you. We completely understand that, that’s why we are so impressed to see a full 60 day trial of this product, risk free. If you aren’t satisfied, you’ll get your money back. The creators have a goal of helping you. So, they don’t want your money if you’re not happy with your results.

Reviewing The RazaLean PM Label…

Take one capsule 30 minutes before bed. It’s that simple. These capsules will get the most out of your sleep each night. Good sleep alone is extremely important to weight loss. But when it’s combined with the powerful ingredients of this supplement, it really gives your body the most from your sleep. While you’re dreaming of reaching your weight loss goals, this product is making them a reality. Say “goodbye” to gaining unwanted weight and say “hello” to your dream body.

A Few Days of Taking RazaLean PM…

We wouldn’t recommend anything we didn’t take ourselves. Participants took RazaLean PM for 7 days instead of the usual 2-4 weeks just because of the nature of the product. Everyone woke up refreshed and had the energy to work out the next morning. 1 guy on our team struggled with sleep, but his excuse is valid since his wife just had a baby.

The people who normally woke up and snacked around late at night said that they hadn’t touched food during the night at all. So, a simple test, but it told us all that this is an effective product and we all recommend it.

We love that this product is designed specifically for night. Most weight loss products focus on giving you energy and helping you lose weight throughout the day. However, these capsules flipped the script to give you a more well rounded weight loss strategy. Don’t let sleep slow your weight loss down! This product is designed to help you burn fat while sleeping. With each bottle providing a full 30 day supply, you can’t go wrong.

razalean pm vs competitors

RazaLean PM Side Effects

Side effects come in 2 categories: Good side effects and bad side effects. Obviously, before jumping into a supplement routine with a new product, you need to know both.

Positive side effects:

  • Suppress your appetite- say goodbye to late night munchies!
  • Boost your metabolism- get your metabolism doing overtime while you relax.
  • Get better and deeper sleep- wake up every morning feeling awake and alert.
  • Block carbohydrate absorption- say it with us, “no more weight gain!”

Negative side effects:

  • No negative side effects have been reported with RazaLean PM.

RazaLean PM Ingredients?


A patented ketone body made by Compound Solutions. Everyone wants to be able to burn fat instead of just losing more water weight. This ingredient is here to support that objective. It provides your body with ketones to help you get ketosis benefits without waiting through a keto diet. As an added bonus, it’s stimulant free. So, you won’t need to worry about it messing up your sleep.

  • Stimulant free fat burner
  • Patented ingredient with proven results
  • Great long-term solution
  • Turns fat into energy
razalean pm ingredients gobhb

Organic Ginkgo Biloba Leaf

Comes from China and has been used for thousands of years. It comes with a wide variety of benefits, such as: helping improve brain function/well being, supporting eye health, reducing anxiety, and it contains powerful antioxidants. With all of these contributions to your health, it’s no wonder why it has been added to this list.

  • Improves brain function
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Potent antioxidant that prevents free radicals

White Kidney Bean Powder

Added to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates. We are so in love with this product because of this ability. It latches on to long chain carbohydrates so they can’t be absorbed into the body and turned into fats. Lower absorption rates = less fat gain = easier weight loss. What’s not to love about this ingredient?

  • Scientifically proven ingredient
  • Prevents carbohydrates from being absorbed into the body
  • Prevents fat gain

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is the king of appetite reduction. People taking this supplement typically tend to eat less because of it. Not only will it help you eat less, but it can also help block the addition of new fat and may help reduce current fat. This ingredient restrains citrate lyase, an enzyme that aids in fat production. It also works to reduce levels of oxidative stress in the body, giving you a more efficient workout.

  • King of appetite suppression
  • Helps block new fat cells from forming
  • Aids in reducing oxidative stress in the body

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is already well known for being the depression fighting “sunshine vitamin.” Because people are commonly deficient in this vitamin, even though it’s crucial to a healthy, happy lifestyle. One of it’s lesser known benefits is its ability to assist with weight loss. This vitamin is used in the body to help regulate body fat and may improve lean muscle mass.

  • Improves immune levels
  • Essential vitamin that is needed more during weight loss
  • Helps regulate body’s fat and lean muscle mass


Melatonin is a miracle supplement when it comes to sleep. It can be used to help you fall asleep more quickly and reduce your number of awakenings. I’m sure you’re already aware of how important a healthy amount of sleep is to weight loss. Getting a good amount and good quality of sleep plays an important role in losing weight. Low sleep levels are correlated with weight gain. Melatonin may also increase your metabolism, helping you burn more fat while you’re sleeping.

  • Helps you sleep deeper
  • Reduces number of times you wake up during the night
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Helps increase metabolism, increasing the fat burning while you’re asleep


Chromium is important for the body’s natural metabolism processes. This mineral may be able to help you lose weight due to the effect it has on people’s eating behaviors. It can help with reducing hunger and cravings. It also teams up with insulin to help the body metabolize carbohydrates.

  • Effects people’s eating behaviors
  • Helps reduce overall hunger & cravings
  • Helps to metabolize carbohydrates


Magnesium can be considered one of the most important minerals when it comes to the body’s metabolism. It is essential for a proper operation of more than 300 enzyme systems. The body depends on magnesium for energy production and a correctly functioning metabolism. It may also be able to help reduce anxiety in people who are deficient.

  • May help reduce anxiety
  • Essential mineral for improving metabolism
  • Improves natural energy production (no stimulants needed!)

Where To Buy RazaLean PM:

RazaLean PM is currently offering 20% off orders over $99. Just use code: FLASH20

1 bottle / 30 day supply – $59.95

2 bottles  / 60 day supply – $99.95 ($79.96 with coupon)

3 bottles / 90 day supply – $129.95 ($103.96)

Does RazaLean PM Work: 

You don’t need to lose weight alone. Razalean PM is made from a safe and powerful formula made to stand with you and your weight loss goals. Now you can shed those unwanted pounds from the comfort of your own bed. RazaLean PM is a co-star with the original RazaLean. When combined, you get 24 hour weight loss support from these supplements. If you choose to use it alone, your results are still backed up with a 60 day money back guarantee. We love this product, and we know you will too! Make your dreams a reality NOW! 

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