RazaLean Review - Is This The Best Diet Pill?

This review of the RazaLean diet pill will go into depth regarding all of the positive and negative side effects, breakdown the ingredients found in RazaLean, look over pricing options, and even go over RazaLean reviews from customers. Find out if RazaLean is for you or if you should keep looking.

Best For People Wanting To Burn An Average Of  467 or More Calories Per Day

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Benefits Of RazaLean

Downsides Of RazaLean


RazaLean Diet Pill Reviews

RazaLean is a fresh, exotic new fat burner that hit the internet within the last year. Without a doubt, this fat burner supplement is the best the supplementauditor team has used, for benefits before the gym or to kick cravings. 

When a supplement is being reviewed by supplementauditor, our entire team takes the product at the same time so that we can verify any potential side effects and check to make sure that we see many of the same positive effects as well. 

So, we’re going to break down all the important aspects of taking this fat burner and what most people can expect on a daily to a monthly basis.

I got an email about 5-6 months after taking Razalean asking how my progress was doing. At this point I had finished taking Razalean about 2 weeks earlier. So, I looked up my old pics from when I first started and I couldn’t believe what a different it was. I felt so disgusted but so happy that I had decided to make the change. I know everyone wants to know “how much weight though!!!”. Well, I tried my absolute best not to focus on weight, but just wanted to be happy again in my own skin. 


Let me start just by saying that last year alone I probably spent close to $600 on all different kinds of detox teas, and weight loss products. It wasn’t until I discovered Razalean that I really uncovered more potential in a product and so glad that I didn’t give up my search. I went from 160 down to 142 in a few months. Yes, I worked out. Yes, I ate decent food. No, those weren’t enough by themselves though! I work in an office where too many people bring in doughnuts and other junk 2-3 times per week. Razalean helped curb my cravings and gave me the energy I needed to get through the work day and last through till the evening.


RazaLean Ingredients


You’ll likely wreck your taste buds if you’re not used to eating A LOT of hot peppers everyday. But, you will lose weight! Not only that, but you’ll increase thermogenesis and boost metabolism. But we don’t recommend doing any of this. Every serving of RazaLean contains this potent cayenne extract that has been used in countless weight loss studies showing incredible results.

Kelp (Fucoxanthin)

Kelp is one of the most abundant plants in the sea. It’s jam-packed full of nutrients and positive effects. However, there’s nothing to write home about regarding taste, which is why it’s often dismissed. The interesting thing about kelp is that it helps burn the “deep” fat in your body and the fact that it works better the longer you take it.  

Apple Cider Vinegar

Similar to cayenne pepper, it’s best to stick with the extracts found in RazaLean rather than drink apple cider vinegar. Some people may have the ability to manage to drink even just a cap-full of the stuff, but it’s pretty disgusting. But, it brings a lot of positive effects. Apple Cider Vinegar is known to help with appetite suppression and help with insulin sensitivity, which is a BIG plus when it comes to using up energy (carbs & fat) that’s currently stored in your body.

L-Arginine HCI

L-Arginine HCI helps body metabolism levels, which help stop the production of “white” fat (bad fat). L-Arginine HCI is most typically found in pre workout powders, but this particular ingredient helps with natural energy levels and expanding the blood vessels for better blood flow & circulation.

Green Tea Extract

If you’re researching how to lose weight, you’ve most likely already read about this essential ingredient for a weight loss plan. It helps boost metabolism and increase thermogenesis, which is a MUST for faster weight loss. Not to mention it’s clean, energy-boosting effects.

Turmeric (Circumen)

Studies found that Turmeric (Circumen) increased weight loss efforts, lowered BMI, decreased hip size, decreased waistline reduction, and is very well known to lower inflammation levels in the body.

Garcinia Cambogia

Besides being used for lowering stress levels in the past, users also noticed an incredible side effect of the plant – Weight loss! It’s good to note that if you’re struggling with high stress, this can be one of the main reasons you’re hanging onto your weight. Sometimes, your body and your brain don’t quite communicate in the best way. Your body sees this additional “stress” and it thinks that you need to keep the weight, based on how our ancestors experienced stressful times, and for them “stressful times” meant that they were likely going to go through a period of no food.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Most people around the world have at least tried coffee in their lives. One thing’s for sure, is that Green Coffee Bean Extract offers clean energy levels without a crash. But other, cheaper forms of caffeine can be used the same way. The biggest benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract is that it has antioxidant effects, which directly affects fat absorption within the gut.

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

After only 3 days of usage, Rhodiola Rosea Extract was shown to drastically improve symptoms of fatigue or general tiredness, anxiety and stress, and even helped people that were “burnt out” with the stress of the daily grind of a job they didn’t necessarily love and gave users a sense of being refreshed and purpose. 


RazaLean Review: The Team’s Experience

Before even opening the bottle, we had a feeling we were going to like RazaLean. It has a solid formulation and looked to be unique compared to a lot of the fat burners on the market. We were excited when we got it in the mail just a couple of days after we ordered it.

Our 1st impression: We opened the package and the bottles seemed pretty small. This is actually a good thing for most of us, as not many people like taking big pills. It also means that the formula is a highly concentrated fat burner formula that contains a potent extract version with only a single, small to medium sized pill that is needed for each serving.

The pills looked to be darker, full of rich ingredients, rather than the bland, off-white to grayish pills you get with a lot of other companies. The darker pills means that it’s full of actual, active fat burning ingredients. When the pills are very light-colored, it means that it probably contains a lot of fillers like rice flour, that do absolutely nothing but help fill up the capsule.

(Note: RazaLean is completely vegetarian, even the capsules are made from vegetables.)

The team started RazaLean the very next morning so that we could take it exactly how the makers recommended taking it. We took 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach and most of us drank about 6-8 ounces of water with it. It’s important to drink a lot of water when you’re trying to lose weight as it will help you to feel full. It’s also important to drink before a meal and not after. This will help you limit your calorie intake and prevent overeating and feeling bloated.

Excellent Energy Throughout The Day

Compared to most fat burners out there as well as some energy drinks that cause a caffeine crash within an hour or two, RazaLean’s energy was very smooth and never caused any of us to be jittery or uncomfortable. We expected this since it contains multiple types of caffeine, rather than a single, synthetic, and cheap version of caffeine found in most supplements.

Within another 15-20 minutes of first taking RazaLean, the team all felt the cayenne pepper (capsicum extract) which helps to promote thermogenesis and fat burn. This is the bread and butter of this product since it uses a high quality version and the correct amount for maximum bioavailability. Don’t expect an overwhelming experience because you shouldn’t. You might notice a slight warmth within your body and it’s completely normal.

Eating healthier food and staying focused was a lot easier with RazaLean. The team all noticed that when we followed the recommendations we all ate less food for every meal.

Most of the supplementauditor team goes to the gym on a daily basis and we typically take some sort of pre workout. We used RazaLean to see how most users would fare during a workout or other exercise. Staying on the treadmill for another 15 minutes was no problem at all. We all had more energy through all of our weight lifts too and we were able to stay more focused and finish all of our workouts. RazaLean is a very versatile product that will help just about any fitness goal.

RazaLean Long term

Depending on the type of supplement we review depends on how long we take it. Since fat burners fall into a category of “long-term” because you can’t really take very big short-cuts with weight loss nor can you expect immediate effects for fat loss. So a few of us decided to stay on for 2-3 months. We noticed very positive results the longer we stayed on.

In fact, we all kept our lean muscle mass and only lost fat. Our strength either stayed the same or improved. This is something a lot of products promise, but are short to fulfill. RazaLean gets 5 stars, since this is very important to a lot of people.

RazaLean contains ingredients like Fucoxanthin or Kelp for long term fat burning effects. These types of ingredients aren’t really that noticeable at first, but actually work better the longer you take them.

The team members that stayed on lost more fat than the other team members. There was also a steady fat loss effect as well, which is what we were hoping for. (Example: some fat burners throw some various ingredients in a product only for you to get nauseous or to cause stomach aches. Of course this will prevent you from eating a normal diet and gaining weight, but it’s also an unhealthy form of weight loss, and all of the fat and excess weight is packed back on, quickly.)

RazaLean Pricing and Shipping

A single bottle will cost you a premium price of $69.95. However, we’ve seen this with other companies that have a product that works better over time. They’re trying to get you to buy the package where you’ll actually see some results.

That’s most likely why RazaLean offers heavy discounts when you purchase more than 1 bottle, since the price per bottle goes way down and you get free shipping when you buy more than 1 bottle.

1 Bottle

1 Month Supply – $69.95

$4.95 Shipping

3 Month Supply – $129.95

2 Bottles + 1 Free Bottle ($43.30 each)

Free Shipping

5 Month Supply – $149.90)

3 Bottles + 2 Free Bottles ($29.98 each)

Free Shipping

If you don’t lose weight after using RazaLean, IT’S 100% YOUR FAULT – Here’s Why:

RazaLean does everything that a fat burner should do and more, so if you don’t lose weight, it’s no one’s fault but your own. Don’t expect to lose weight if you don’t exercise or eat healthier. Remember, these aren’t magic pills, nor does anything like that exist. They won’t be able to reverse 4000 calories of pizza and ice cream binge into thin air. This isn’t how a fat burner works.  If you want a fat burner that will help you in your goals to burn fat, get shredded or drop the weight, nothing will work better than RazaLean, but you have to do your part too.

Throughout the few months of taking RazaLean, supplementauditor members lost an average of 6 pounds of fat per month, compared to the 1-2 pounds or less with other products we’ve taken. We are definitely looking forward to using this for maintenance mode and keeping our physique.

Does RazaLean Work?

This product is easily a 9.8/10. Other members on the team actually gave it a perfect 10/10 because of their success and because of the high quality ingredients and science that go behind a product like this. Based on our knowledge and experience, it can take years and A LOT OF MONEY to create a product that works as well as RazaLean.

To purchase or to read more, click here: RazaLean.com

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