RazaLean Immune Boost Review

The RazaLean brand has been around for a few years. It’s actually a top-selling and top-rated diet pill that offers 24 hour support, which also offers multiple weight loss products, such as detox, stim-free and others. RazaLean Immune Boost is a different product, but also falls into the weight loss category. We’ll explain…

Best for adults that want to: Decrease total time sick, increase immune levels to keep from getting sick, and to improve overall health.

What Is RazaLean Immune Boost?

Official product name: RazaLean Immune Boost™

What is RazaLean Immune Boost? – RazaLean is primarily known as a weight loss brand. They offer appetite suppressants, fat burners, PM diet pills, and even detox products. However, RazaLean Immune Boost is exactly what it sounds like; an immune booster! Our immune systems can be compromised when we adhere to stricter diets. RazaLean Immune Boost is meant to keep your defense levels on high to keep you safe during these trying times.

Is RazaLean Immune Boost recommended? – Yes. RazaLean Immune Boost contains clinically tested and proven ingredients. Each serving contains 961mg of potent immune-boosting ingredients and each bottle contains a 30-day supply.

Where can RazaLean Immune Boost be purchased? – Your best bet for customer security and special offers is the official site – [https://razalean.com/]

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Benefits of RazaLean Immune Boost:

Drawbacks of RazaLean Immune Boost:

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Why Choose RazaLean Immune Boost?

razalean immune boost reviews

RazaLean Immune Boost Is Suitable For Both Men & Women

It states clearly on the label that it’s for adults, 18 and older. However, we’ve reviewed the label, and there’s nothing there that would be harmful for anyone old enough to be able to swallow a capsule with ease. They’re likely required by their lawyers to state that it’s only for adults.

RazaLean Immune Boost has an interesting take: Which is, that when you’re doing a hard diet, your immune levels may drop, which might make you more susceptible to sickness. By taking RazaLean Immune Boost, you may improve your health & immune levels to keep you healthy while you lose weight. It’s also a great standalone product, which means that it’s perfectly fine to take this supplement even if you aren’t trying to lose weight.

Reviewing The RazaLean Immune Boost Supplement Facts & Label Info

The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules once per day. Empty stomach or with a meal. In our experience, it’s always best to take supplements on an empty stomach because you can absorb more. Now, if you feel nausea or other issues, then you should take with a meal or at least no more than 5 minutes before eating. Another reason to take with a meal is if any of the ingredients are fat-soluble, meaning that they can only be absorbed with a small amount of fat. RazaLean Immune Boost doesn’t contain any fat-soluble ingredients though.

RazaLean Immune Boost vs Others

Compared to many current health products, immune booster products tend to work a little faster. Nothing drastic needs to change in your body, so the ingredients are actually fast-acting. 

razalean immune boost vs

2 Capsules of RazaLean Immune Boost Each Day…

For best results, we recommend taking NutraOptimized Immune Defense 20-30 minutes before your first meal of the day. Here’s the thing though – You likely won’t “feel” anything at all. However, based on all testing, people feel better and recover from sickness up to 300% faster. It just works in the background without you really noticing.

Current “Immune-Booster” Scams

At SupplementAuditor, we want to give you the best options. But we also want to point out the terrible options too. Since coronavirus started, there have been many companies that slap a product together and call it a “cure”. Some companies are selling lozenges, which contain the same ingredients as a cough drop that sells for $4.50 per bag of 100 and companies are selling them for $40-$55 dollars per bottle.

immune defence scam

Perspective… The product above is highlighting it as a good thing that it only contains 3.5mg of zinc and 2.5mg of Vitamin C. RazaLean Immune Boost contains 100mg of Zinc and 200mg of Vitamin C. That means you’d end up taking over 35 lozenges to just equal what’s in a single serving of RazaLean Immune Boost. You’d be out in only 4 days. $50 down the drain. Also the product in the image is NOT made in the US.

RazaLean Immune Boost Side Effects

Side effects come in 2 categories: Good side effects and bad side effects. Obviously, before jumping into a supplement routine with a new product, you need to know both.

Positive side effects:

– People notice faster recovery from sickness

– Better defense levels from getting sick in the first place

– Higher immune levels

Negative side effects:

– No negative side effects.

What Are The Ingredients In RazaLean Immune Boost?

There are a few staple ingredients that you need to take in order to have a solid immune booster. After looking through the 100’s of products out there, we’re pretty happy with the ingredients found in RazaLean Immune Boost.

Elderberry Extract

After doing the required research to better understand how these ingredients work both on their own and synergistically with others, it’s no secret why elderberry extract is included. The clinical tests made with this ingredient are quite astounding.

  • Improvement after only a couple of days vs Placebo, which took over a week for improvement
  • Improves symptoms, such as headache, muscle aches & pains, congestion within a day
  • Shorter duration of time spent sick
  • Packed with antioxidants that prevent free-radicals
razalean immune boost elderberry ingredients

Garlic Bulb Extract

Garlic has been shown to reduce total number of colds and viruses by up to 63% compared to the control group. Garlic has also shown to reduce other virus symptoms by 70%!

razalean immune boost garlic bulb extract ingredients

Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract

Known less for an immune booster, but more as a “Ultra Antioxidant”. Echinacea pupurea root extract is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. It’s been known for it’s wound-healing abilities. But more importantly, it really shines with respiratory issues. But, echinacea purpurea root extract is still a potent immune booster.

  • Powerful antioxidant that supercharges other antioxidants
  • Great for both upper & lower respiratory problems
  • Powerful immune boosting supplement
  • Colds were shorted by up to 2 days faster 


Zinc plays one of the most crucial roles for our bodies to be healthy. Zinc is a staple ingredient required for many different bodily functions. It’s important to supplement with zinc on a daily basis since your body can’t store it effectively either.

  • Helps heal wounds and injuries
  • DNA synthesis
  • Immune improvement & support
  • Proper hormone & sexual function

RazaLean Immune Boost contains 100% the daily value of zinc, ensuring that your body is getting plenty of this essential mineral.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great, but only if you’re getting enough from the right places. If you drink a glass of orange juice, then you’re getting plenty of vitamin c, BUT you’re drinking more sugar found in an entire 20oz. bottle of soda. It’s best to consume vitamin c as a supplement to keep the junk out of your system.

  • Helps with certain heart problems
  • Boosts immune function
  • Protects memory & brain function
  • Improves white blood cell production
  • Helps reduce chronic disease
RazaLean Immune Boost contains 200% the daily value of vitamin C.

Why Is It Important To Boost Immune Levels?

There’s currently no cure for the cold, flu, or even the corona virus. But there are ways to improve your immune system so that you’re not a “deer caught in the headlights”. Taking immune supplements can strengthen your body’s defense system, which can help you get back on your feet faster if you do get sick. But it may also help you from getting sick in the first place.

RazaLean Immune Boost isn’t a cure. A cure doesn’t exist. And don’t forget that it’s also important to wash hands and stay away from very crowded spaces. RazaLean Immune Boost is a “supplement”. It’s meant to supplement your current methods to give you an edge over everyone around you.

Where To Buy RazaLean Immune Boost:

RazaLean Immune Boost is currently offering 20% off orders over $99. Just use code: FLASH20

1 bottle / 30 day supply – $49.95

2 bottles  / 60 day supply – $89.96

3 bottles / 90 day supply – $119.95 ($95.96 with the coupon)

Does RazaLean Immune Boost Work: 

The RazaLean brand offers a guarantee on all of their products and is a highly reputable company. All of their products are produced and manufactured in a GMP facility, which is located in the USA and is FDA-registered. RazaLean Immune Boost contains all of the ingredients we’d hope to see in an immune boosting supplement. It’s reasonably priced and even gets better the more you buy. We recommend this product.

#1 Rated Immune Booster:

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After reviewing 1,000 of supplements over the years, RazaLean Immune Boost gets our stamp of approval for the “Best Immune Booster” product of 2020 with it’s incredible user reviews & 100% money back guarantee.
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