Ashwagandha: 9 Things To Consider Before Taking Each Day

Ashwagandha is an ingredient that has recently gained a lot of attention and popularity. It is packed full of benefits which is why it can be found as an ingredient in many different types of supplements. 

People use it for anything from losing weight to supporting mental health and from boosting testosterone to improving memory. Luckily all of these uses have caused a surge of scientific discovery. 

Keep reading to see if daily supplementation will give you the benefits you’re looking for or if it’s too dangerous for daily usage.

Best for those that: Want to enhance testosterone levels in their body, improve multiple health aspects, and increase weight loss.


History of Ashwagandha

The ashwagandha plant is native to the Middle East, India, and some parts of Africa. It is a small evergreen shrub that has traditionally been used in Ayurveda and indigenous medicine as a natural treatment for many different purposes. 

The use of this plant dates as far back as 3,000 years. (9) It’s use has recently spread across the globe as an herbal remedy. 

Because of its growth in popularity, a wide variety of studies have been done to test its safety and effectiveness in different areas.


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Benefits of Ashwagandha:
Drawbacks of Ashwagandha:

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Why Should I ONLY Consume The Root?

As you may have noticed, most people use ashwagandha root extract. This part of the plant is most commonly used in high quality supplements and in scientific research. 

But, why just the root? What’s wrong with the rest of the plant?

Well, the root contains very beneficial properties, while the leaves in comparison, are not as effective. In almost all studies done to test the effectiveness of ashwagandha, only the root extract is used. 

By choosing ashwagandha root extract you are getting the most potent, effective, and well studied part of the herb.

Should I Take Ashwagandha?

This herb is packed full of benefits that can give you well rounded improvements in both your mind and body. 

Depending on what you are wanting in a supplement, ashwagandha may be what you’re looking for. It can help cause improvements both physically and mentally. 

It is a safe and very well researched herb that has evidence supporting its use for relieving stress, reducing symptoms of depression, boosting testosterone levels, increasing fertility, improving body composition, supporting cognitive functions, and more!

Like with any supplement ingredient, it all depends on what you want it to do. However, we have found that when used in supplementation, ashwagandha can be a powerful aid in improving overall body functions and quality of life.

Benefits of Ashwagandha

This herb is full of benefits that can help you live a better life and improve your quality of life. 

People often use this herb to relieve stress, reduce symptoms of depression, boost testosterone levels, increase fertility, improve body composition, support cognitive functions, and more!

As always, we like to see how claims about ingredients compare to scientific evidence. So let’s look further into these benefits and see if scientific research can back up these claims!

Ashwagandha And Stress Relief

One of this herbs’ most popular uses is relieving stress and anxiety. Stress can have a negative impact on multiple aspects of your life. It can even cause physical side effects such as headaches, upset stomach, aches/pains, and tense muscles. 

No one likes the feeling of stress. It can be overwhelming and make it hard to complete simple tasks in your day-to-day life. When you are stressed about something, stress has the power to make it harder to fix what you’re stressed about. 

This is why a lot of us are looking for a solution to it. Often we would prefer a natural remedy than an overpriced drug. This is just one of the reasons people turn to ashwagandha. 

One randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study was conducted to find the safety and efficacy of ashwagandha as a stress relief supplement. 64 subjects with chronic stress participated in this experiment and were randomly placed into the placebo group or the treatment group. 

After 60 days of treatment it was concluded that ashwagandha supplementation is a safe way to significantly reduce stress levels and improve quality of life. (1)

Ashwagandha Can Help Reduce Depression Symptoms

Depression is a serious mental health condition that affects around 16.2 million people in the U.S.A.. This can lead to a loss of interest in activities, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, lowered sex drive, and a fixation on the past. No one wants to feel this way, but some of us do. 

Your mental health should be a big deal. Even if you don’t have consistent or severe depression, a little boost is always useful. 

Ashwagandha is a very popular herb for aiding with mental health. It can be used to help reduce symptoms of both depression and anxiety. 

In one double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study 66 patients with symptoms of depression and anxiety were split into placebo and treatment groups. After 12 weeks of supplementation, researchers concluded that ashwagandha supplementation is a promising solution for treating anxiety and depression. (2)

We would like to mention that it should not replace any medical prescriptions you may have and if you have a prescription you should speak with your doctor.


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Ashwagandha Boosts Testosterone Levels

Increasing testosterone is a huge market in supplements. Testosterone is a very powerful hormone in both men and women. An increase in testosterone levels can help you reduce fat, increase lean muscle growth, have better energy, and enhance sex drive.

Getting an increase in testosterone levels is a great way to bring back youth and increase fat loss/muscle gain. Lucky for us, ashwagandha is a great way to achieve all of these benefits. 

A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled experiment was conducted with 57 male subjects. Participants were given ashwagandha or a placebo then completed resistance training exercises everyday for 8 weeks. 

When compared to the placebo group, those taking ashwagandha supplementation showed significantly greater increases in muscle strength, muscle size, and testosterone levels. The ashwagandha group also showed significantly greater decreases in body fat percentage and exercise induced muscle damage. (3)

Ashwagandha Increases Fertility

As one of its many benefits, ashwagandha supplementation is a very helpful herb for supporting fertility and increasing sex drive. These types of benefits can be helpful for people who want to have kids or want to improve their sex life. 

Along with its other benefits, ashwagandha can help increase sperm count, semen volume, and sperm motility to give you all around increased fertility.     

One study was conducted to evaluate the effects of ashwagandha supplementation on infertility and spermatogenic activity. A total of 46 patients with low sperm counts participated in this study for 90 days. Subjects were randomly assigned to either the treatment group or the placebo group. 

In the group taking ashwagandha supplementation there was a 167% increase in sperm count, 53% increase in semen volume, and 57% increase in sperm motility. Ashwagandha also causes a significant increase in serum testosterone levels. (4)

Ashwagandha Improves Body Composition

More lean muscle and less fat? I’ll take it! But, having improved body composition doesn’t just help you appreciate your mirror more. 

Improving your body composition can help you move around easier, reduces stress on your joints, improves sexual function, supports better sleep, and lowers your risk of certain diseases. 

A lot of people want to lose weight, but not everyone can accomplish it with traditional weight loss methods. This makes ashwagandha supplementation a great method. By helping your body reduce fat and build lean muscle, this herb gives you a chance to reach your weight loss goals. 

Research has shown that ashwagandha can be used effectively in supplementation to increase muscle strength/size and reduce both body fat percentage and exercise induced muscle damage. (3)

Another study consisted of 18 subjects and lasted 30 days. Participants were given varying amounts of ashwagandha or a placebo. Subjects taking supplementation showed enhanced libido, improved sleep quality, increased strength, and reduced body fat percentage. (5)

Ashwagandha Supports Healthy Brain Function

We all know how important our brain health is. Our brain is responsible for controlling our body’s functions and helping us interact the world around us. It helps us to enable thought, memory, and emotions. 

This seemingly all powerful organ is the most important part of the body. That’s why we could all use better brain functioning and better brain health. A little boost in your brain can affect your whole body and improve your overall well being.

When you take ashwagandha it improves your brain’s functioning in a safe and natural way. This is just one reason we suggest taking supplements with ashwagandha. Research shows that it can improve brain functioning in multiple different areas. 

In one randomized, double blind, placebo controlled study, 50 participants were given either ashwagandha or a placebo every day for 8 weeks. 

At the end of the trial, those taking ashwagandha showed significant improvements in both their general and immediate memory. The treatment group showed improvements in logical memory, verbal paired associates, executive function, sustained attention, and information processing speed. (6)

What’s The Proper Dose of Ashwagandha?

Although ashwagandha is a safe supplement, it’s important to make sure you are taking the right amount of it. We recommend taking 600mg a day. This is the most common amount found in research and it is known to be a safe and effective amount.

Higher amounts can be safely taken up to 1,250 mg. (5) Any more than this can be considered to be dangerous. However, we highly recommend sticking to doses closer to 600mg a day for peak safety and effectiveness.

When using supplementation you will notice some results such as lowered anxiety and less stress almost immediately. For bigger benefits like increased testosterone and improved body composition you should start to see results after about 30 days.

Ashwagandha Side Effects

This is a very safe herb. It has been highly studied for its safety and rarely causes side effects. The only cases of side effects are found when it is taken in too high of doses. 

When used incorrectly it can cause an upset stomach which can potentially lead to diarrhea or vomiting.

As long as this ingredient is properly dosed, you should not come across any issues. People can safely take doses at 600mg a day with no adverse events. (8) 

The most common dosing found in research is about 300mg twice a day. When taken in similar amounts it is safe and should not cause any side effects.

Positive side effects:

  • Better Weight Loss
  • Improved Immune System
  • Increased Gut Health
  • Powerful Detox

Negative side effects:

  • No negative side effects have been reported

Bottom Line: Does Ashwagandha Work?

Overall, this is a really good ingredient to see in supplements and can have worthwhile effects on its own too. It has been used as a traditional medicine and in modern science to provide many benefits to those who take it. 

The most common uses for this herb is to help relieve stress, reduce symptoms of depression, boost testosterone levels, increase fertility, improve body composition, and support cognitive functions. These claims are all backed by clinical research that shows Ashwagandha’s safety and effectiveness.

When taking it in supplementation it is recommended to take about 600mg a day. When taken in this amount it is a safe, yet effective way to gain well rounded benefits for your mind and body. 

If you are thinking about taking a supplement containing ashwagandha, we highly recommend it. This powerful herb can help you get the results you want in your life and more!


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Ashwagandha FAQ's

How Do I Take Ashwagandha? When taken in supplementation, it is always recommended to follow the instructions found on the bottle. 

How Much Should I Take? It is recommended to take 600mg everyday. 

What Are The Different Ways I Can Take Ashwagandha? When taking ashwagandha, the most common way to take it is through supplementation. But, it can also be consumed as tea.

Can I Take It On An Empty Stomach? Yes, ashwagandha can be taken on an empty stomach which can help to improve absorption and increase its overall effectiveness. 

Will It Affect My Sleep? Yes, but in a good way. If you take ashwagandha before bed it can help resolve sleep problems. 

What’s The Best Time Of Day To Take Ashwagandha? It depends on the reason you are taking it, but it can essentially be taken at any time. If you are taking it in a supplement, we recommend following the supplements instructions as closely as possible.