Ultra Sleep Complex Review

Ultra Sleep Complex is a new supplement made of natural ingredients that was designed to improve overall sleep. This product claims to use ingredients that affect multiple aspects of sleep for an all around better night’s rest. We review supplements to give you the facts, so you can discover if their results will leave you better or worse.

Best for those that: Are having trouble sleeping and need extra support throughout the night or want an all natural solution to their sleeping problems.

What is Ultra Sleep Complex?

Official product name: Ultra Sleep Complex

What is Ultra Sleep Complex? – Ultra Sleep Complex is a sleep aid supplement made with all natural ingredients. It was created to help people get better sleep quality, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep for a healthy amount of time.

Is Ultra Sleep Complex recommended? – Yes! Ultra Sleep Complex is made with high quality ingredients and was designed to give you the results you’ve been looking for. This product is one of the highest recommendations that we have. And the price is absurdly low, at only $23.99 when you buy in bulk.

Where can Ultra Sleep Complex be purchased? – For more information about Ultra Sleep Complex, head to the official site, but your best bet for special offers is the official site – [https://UltraSleepComplex.com/]

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Ultra Sleep Complex Reviews

What does it mean to get good sleep?

Take a look at the graph below… If your sleep patterns don’t match the image, then chances are that’s why you’re here in the first place. Sleep shouldn’t be something that you think about. Unfortunately, we tend to get into our own heads and end up getting stressing about something that should come so natural.

It’s natural and even healthy to wake up a few times every night. Actually, that’s exactly what happens after REM sleep. But it’s usually our bodies just telling us to adjust into a different position for better blood flow. It doesn’t mean that we wake up, grab a snack, etc. 

ultra sleep complex reviews

Who can use Ultra Sleep Complex?

Well, almost everyone. It should only be taken by people who are 18 years or older. Plus, if you are pregnant or nursing you should not take it. If you have any health conditions or are taking any medications, we recommend talking to your health care professional before starting any supplement. If you meet these small conditions, keep reading to find out if Ultra Sleep Complex is for you!

Reviewing The Ultra Sleep Complex Label…

It is recommended to take Ultra Sleep Complex 30 minutes-1 hour before bed. For best results, users have found that being in bed, ready to sleep, around this time works best. Some customers prefer to take it before their nighttime routine so by the time they get to bed, they are ready to sleep. 

One serving of 2 capsules should be taken each night (or whenever you are having trouble with sleeping). It can be taken with or without food and water. If you have consistent sleep issues, we recommended taking it every night for the best results.

A Few Days of Taking Ultra Sleep Complex…

Your life will be changed for the better. Your new high quality sleep can bring you better health, less grogginess in the mornings, improved cognitive functions, and may be able to aid in improving mental and physical health. 

By using this product to improve your sleep at night, your days will also be improved. Better sleep can help you just simply feel better. There’s no need for your life to suffer because of poor sleep, Ultra Sleep Complex is here to save the day (and night). If you take Ultra Sleep Complex for just a few nights, you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

2 Capsules of Ultra Sleep Complex Each Night…

That’s the recommended dose for this product. 2 capsules is enough to give you a perfect night’s sleep. It can also be used at different times during the day if your schedule does not permit you to sleep at night. 

All you need to improve your sleep health is one serving of Ultra Sleep Complex each night. This supplement can be taken with or without food and water, however, we have found that the less food in your belly, the less time it takes the effects to set it. Improving your sleep can be life changing. Stop letting poor sleep leave you behind in your life, find a sleeping solution that’s right for you today.

Ultra Sleep Complex Side Effects:

No negative side effects have been found from the use of Ultra Sleep Complex. All of the ingredients in this formula are natural herbs and components that have been clinically researched and found to be safe. The only side effects that we found reported from customers were a better night’s rest.

Positive side effects:

  • Less time to fall asleep
  • No grogginess in the morning
  • Achieved deeper states of sleep
  • Improved overall health 

Negative side effects:

  • No negative side effects have been reported

What Are The Ingredients In Ultra Sleep Complex?

Ultra Detox Cleanse is made of a comprehensive list of all natural ingredients to give you better sleep.  These ingredients work together to provide you with a better quality of sleep, help you stay asleep during the night, and can give the ability to fall asleep more quickly. This formula includes these powerful ingredients:

  • melatonin
  • magnesium bisglycinate chelate
  • GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid)
  • valerian root
  • chamomile extract
  • L-tryptophan 
  • lemon balm plant extract
  • lavender extract
  • hops extract


Melatonin is a key ingredient for sleep aids. This ingredient is used all around the world for its benefits on sleep. It is a natural chemical produced by the brain that works with your internal clock to help you fall asleep. It also helps the body by regulating body temperature, increasing relaxation, and reduces nerve activity. These components work together to help you fall asleep faster, sleep for longer, and get a better quality of sleep. 

A group of researchers analyzed 5030 studies done that had tested the effects of melatonin supplementation. These experiments were all randomized, controlled studies that were either single blind or double bind. The results showed that in all of these studies melatonin decreased the amount of time it took for subjects to fall asleep and regulated sleep-wake patterns. These researchers mentioned no side effects and recommended its use for sleep disorders. (1)

Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate

This is the best form of magnesium you can get. It is the easiest for your body to absorb, which helps you get the most out of what you take. Magnesium is incredibly important for your body. This mineral helps muscles and nerves function properly, is involved in energy production, improves bone health, and plays a role in the body’s stress-response system. When it comes to sleeping magnesium is a go-to mineral. 

An experiment was created to test the effects of magnesium supplementation on human sleep. This was a double blind, randomized, and placebo controlled study. In this evaluation, 46 subjects were randomly assigned to either a placebo group or a magnesium supplement group. Subjects took their supplement or placebo pill every day for 8 weeks. Significant differences were found between the two groups. When compared to the placebo group and baseline, those taking the supplements were able to fall asleep faster, slept for longer, had improved sleep efficiency, and didn’t wake up as much throughout the night. (2)

GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid)

It may sound unfamiliar, but this ingredient is already very good friends with your body. GABA is an amino acid that occurs naturally in the brain and acts as a neurotransmitter. It is used to help you fall asleep naturally by relaxing the mind and body and decreasing activity in the nervous system. It has also been used by people to relieve anxiety, promote lean muscle growth, and burn fat. 

Researchers created an experiment to test the safety and efficacy of GABA supplementation. It was a randomized, double blind, and placebo controlled study including 40 patients with insomnia. Subjects were split into two groups: a treatment group (30 people) and a placebo group (10 people). The study lasted 4 weeks long and a polysomnography was performed before supplementation and at the end of the trial. Supplementation of GABA resulted in decreased time to fall asleep and increased sleep efficacy. Researchers concluded, “GABA improved not only the subjective sleep quality but also the objective sleep efficacy without severe adverse events.” (3)

Valerian Root

This herb is native to Europe and Asia and has long been used as an herbal treatment to treat insomnia. It was anciently used to treat a variety of issues back in the Greek and Roman Empires. Valerian is an excellent tool when it comes to improving sleep. However, it can also be used to reduce headaches, improve digestive health, decrease muscle pain, lessen fatigue, and more. This root really seems to do it all, but let’s take a look at what research says about its sleep benefits. 

A randomized, placebo controlled study was created to test the effects of valerian on sleep quality. This experiment was created as a triple blind test consisting of 100 participants with insomnia. Subjects took either a valerian supplement or a placebo everyday for 4 weeks. Researchers found a significant improvement in sleep quality in the group consuming valerian when compared to the placebo. Researchers concluded, “Findings from this study add support to the reported effectiveness of valerian in the clinical management of insomnia.” (4)

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile is commonly used in teas, essential oils, and supplements to help relax and soothe the body’s nerves and nervous system. This herb is packed full of antioxidants and has been used for centuries for its medical properties. It can also be used to boost the immune system, calm stomach aches, lower stress/anxiety, improve skin health, and to promote sleep. The benefits that chamomile has on sleep are what have made it so popular. 

In 2011, an experiment was designed to find out if chamomile has an effect on sleep. This was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study containing 34 subjects. Participants took either chamomile supplementation (17 people) or a placebo (17 people) every day for 28 days. The chamomile supplements lead to a faster time to fall asleep, less awakenings throughout the night, and reduced fatigue. (5)


This ingredient is an essential amino acid which means it has to be consumed and cannot be created by the body. A deficiency of tryptophan can impair memory and learning, negatively affect mood and behavior, and lead to low levels of serotonin and melatonin. It is also very important for promoting good and healthy sleep. Because it holds such a wide variety of benefits for your life, it is important to get enough of it. 

Researchers wanted to test the effects of tryptophan consumption on sleep habits. They created an experiment consisting of 35 subjects that lasted 3 weeks long. Each participant wore an actimeter to track activity throughout the whole experiment. Subjects consumed tryptophan twice each day with breakfast and dinner. Researchers found that those who were taking higher doses of the amino acid had increased sleep efficiency, actual sleep time, and immobile time. They also showed decreased total nocturnal activity, sleep fragmentation index, and sleep latency. (6)

Hops Extract

While the hops plant is most commonly used for its flavor in beverages, it also offers many health benefits. There is still uncertainty of where exactly hops originated, but scientists speculate that it started growing in China or Mesopotamia before spreading across the world.  People use this plant for anything from weight loss to dental health, allergies to heart health, and even as deodorant. It also has shown astounding results at reducing stress and helping with sleep. 

A study was designed to find out what effect hops has on sleep. 17 nurses that were either working or rotating night shifts participated in this experiment. This created an environment with a work-stressed population that had irregular sleep schedules. Subjects each wore an Actiwatch after taking hops to monitor their activity. These nurses ingested hops every day for 14 days with their dinner. When compared to a seperate control group, the treatment group was able to fall asleep more quickly, had less nighttime activity, and showed improved sleep quality. Levels of anxiety were also lowered in the treatment group. (7)

Lemon Balm Plant Extract

While the lemon balm plant got its name from its natural lemon scent, it is actually a part of the mint family. It is grown all over the world, but it is native to Europe, North Africa, and West Asia. This plant can be found in teas, supplements, and essential oils. Lemon balm is commonly found paired with other sleep aid ingredients such as valerian, however, it is still quite effective on its own. 

In 2011 a group of scientists decided to test the effects of lemon balm on sleep in people. They selected 20 participants who were already affected by insomnia and anxiety. Subjects were given lemon balm extract everyday for 15 days. At the end of the experiment, researchers found that 70% of participants had been fully relieved from their anxiety. They also discovered that 85% had completely stopped having insomnia.  (8)

Lavender Extract

Lavender is most popular for its calming and familiar scent. It can easily be found in soaps, shampoos, lotions, and plenty of other self care products. Traditionally it has been used for its natural medicinal properties. People have used lavender topically to heal wounds, care for skin, and for hair treatments. Consuming a lavender supplement can be useful for reducing physical pain, improving sleep, and benefiting mental health. 

An experiment was designed to test how consuming a lavender oil supplement would affect people’s sleep. This was a randomized, double blind, and placebo controlled study. A total of 221 adults were split into 2 groups: a placebo group and a treatment group. Supplementation went on for 10 weeks, with patients coming in every 2 weeks for an evaluation. Lavender supplementation gave participants a significantly improved quality of sleep and duration of sleep. This supplement also improved general physical and mental health. (9)

Why Is It Important To Use A Sleep Aid?

Good sleep is the key to taking care of your body. It is necessary for your body to work and function properly. Nothing beats waking up feeling well rested and rejuvenated. But, your morning mood isn’t the only benefit that proper sleep will give you. Good sleep improves cognitive functions, boosts your immune system, reduces stress, and can help to prevent weight gain. 

Because sleep plays such important roles in multiple aspects of your life, getting good sleep needs to be prioritized. We understand that sleeping doesn’t come easily to everyone, that’s why we investigate every aspect of these supplements to ensure you can choose the product that is right for you. Better sleep = a better life

Ultra Sleep Complex is currently offering 20% off orders over $89. Just use code: USC20

1 bottle / 30 day supply – $49.95

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Bottom Line: Does Ultra Sleep Complex Work? 

After thorough research into this product and a rigorous investigation into it’s ingredients, we’ve found this product to be 100% worth it. It has been designed to give users real results that will work for them. This supplement uses high quality ingredients that have been clinically tested. Each ingredient has been found to be safe and effective. Ultra Sleep Complex was made to give you a perfect night’s sleep each and every night. 

The use of this product really can help improve sleep and your overall quality of life. It was made by people who care so you can get the sleep benefits that you need. 

There are so many sleeping products out there that it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. With a supplement like Ultra Sleep Complex on the market, it makes it easy to choose. This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee and it’s made in a facility that is FDA approved and GMP compliant located here in the USA.

Ultra Sleep Complex FAQ's

Is there a money back guarantee for Ultra Sleep Complex? 

Yes, Ultra Sleep Complex comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which means you have 60 days to test it out and decide if this is the sleeping solution for you. If for any reason you have an issue, you can send it back for a full refund (minus shipping costs). 

How long does each bottle of Ultra Sleep Complex last? 

One bottle of Ultra Sleep Complex will last a full 30 nights if used as recommended. This gives you a realistic amount of time to use it and refill it before you run out. 

Is Ultra Sleep Complex safe? 

Yes, it’s one of the safest products out there. Ultra Sleep Complex is made with highly studied ingredients, all that have clinical research backing their safety and effectiveness. 

How long does it take for Ultra Sleep Complex to start working? 

We recommend taking this product 30-60 minutes before going to bed. This supplement will start giving you effective sleep benefits the first night that you use it. 

Can I sign up for an autoship program? 

No, this company doesn’t offer any autoship programs. This means that no money will be unexpectedly pulled out of your account, which is really nice, but you will need to go online to repurchase whenever you need a new order.


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