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The Official List For The Top Rated Testosterone Boosters Of ​2020

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose extra fat, or increase your sex drive, nothing quite does the trick like increasing your testosterone levels. You’ve got a few options when it comes to increasing test levels.

But before you go and grab the first thing you see, you need to understand that there are far too many companies out there trying to make a quick buck off you! 

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What To Expect With An Increase In Testosterone?

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics for why testosterone is IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL for men to have at least an average amount in their bodies, let’s get into the actual list and break each product down where it counts. These ratings are based on actual ingredients in each testosterone supplement, our personal experience, and what other customers have claimed.

Top 10 Testosterone Boosters of ​2020


Best for men that: Want to drastically increase strength, muscle size, and boost sexual stamina.

Benefits of TestDrol:

Drawbacks of TestDrol:

Of course, we’ve tried everything out there and we’ve seen 1,000’s of supplement labels and read countless clinical studies. There’s nothing out there that gave us the same experience and results as TestDrol. 

We love TestDrol so much because it has multiple products in 1. It’s an incredibly powerful natural testosterone formula, but if you’re looking for male enhancement, you’ll get that too! 

TestDrol vs The Rest TestDrol doesn’t contain a single ingredient that claims 20+ benefits like many other products. It contains clinically studied amounts of the most potent test-boosting ingredients and adds even more, so that you can experience the maximum effective, natural testosterone production.

Our Final Thoughts On TestDrol: We love the transparent label and the fact that every ingredient is broken down into the exact mg that it contains. Many people are fooled with test boosters and cheap ingredients that give a quick effect, that quickly diminishes after only a few hours. 

TestDrol has the right ingredients that will build and build until you’re able to reach peak levels after only a few weeks. Increases in strength, muscle mass, sexual performances will only get better and better. TestDrol deserves the #1 spot on the list, without question.


Best for men that: Want to increase T-levels as well as decrease stress & cortisol & improve sexual enhancement.

Benefits of MandroTEST:

Drawbacks of MandroTEST:

MandroTEST is a 3-in-1 formula. In fact, it is guaranteed to boost testosterone levels, reduce stress, and improve sexual enhancement. MandroTEST contains scientifically studied amounts that have been proven to be incredibly effective.

Each bottle lasts 30 days, minimum. Every order is guaranteed, 100%. This product is starting to pop up everywhere and is gaining traction among bodybuilders and male enhancement sites all over. Grab yours before they’re out of stock!

Our Final Thoughts On MandroTEST: Contains proven ingredients. Also contains the exact amount of tested ingredients in each serving, guaranteed to work based on scientific research.


Best for men that: Want steady improvements with testosterone, bone density, and a reduction in fat.

Benefits of NutraOptimized Coleus Forskohlii:

Drawbacks of NutraOptimized Coleus Forskohlii:

Coleus Forskohlii is one of the most expensive ingredients per milligram in existence. In fact, any product that contains coleus forskohlii should make you weary and skeptical. The reason is that while this ingredient has mountains of evidence proving it’s incredible effects, companies are only using 5mg or less of this substance in order to add “hype” behind their products.

What’s special about NutraOptimized Coleus Forskohlii? Each serving contains a massive amount – a whopping 500mg per serving. And even better – EACH BOTTLE LASTS A FULL MONTH! If you’re unfamiliar with this ingredient, understand that the makers of NutraOptimized Coleus Forskohlii chose 500mg per serving because that’s the exact amount cited in all of the studies where it was found to be the most effective at increasing testosterone levels.

Our Final Thoughts On NutraOptimized Coleus Forskohlii: As for single-ingredient products, this is the #1 on our lists. It’s safe for both men and women to take and offers more than just test-boosting benefits.


Best for men that: Want steady improvements with testosterone, bone density, and a reduction in fat.

Benefits of Max-T PRO:

Drawbacks of Max-T PRO:

Max-T PRO contains a solid group of ingredients. It contains the most powerful version of tribulus terrestris available in the world – 45% saponins! That comes to more than 5X more powerful than what you’ll likely find in your current T-booster. Max-T PRO also contains proven ingredients, such as coleus forskohlii, which has been proven to both increase testosterone levels and help burn fat. The results are quite astounding!

Our Final Thoughts On Max-T PRO: This product packs a solid punch. If you’re on a budget and looking for solid, quick results – Look no further. Max-T PRO has a guarantee, lasts 30 days and a top-rated product.


testogen reviews

Best for men that: Want a quick, moderate boost to testosterone.

Benefits of Testogen:

Drawbacks of Testogen:

Testogen is basically a man’s multivitamin. It’s got a healthy dose of vitamins & minerals that are essential for healthy hormone production.

What’s in Testogen? Testogen’s main ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid, or more commonly known as “DAA”. All the ingredients found in Testogen are 100% safe and natural. It’s designed for men over 35 years old and anyone else that feels like they need a boost in T levels. So, whether you’re getting up in age and need a little help in the bedroom, or a younger guy trying to make some moderate gains in the gym, then give Testogen a shot.

Our Final Thoughts On Testogen: It’s at one of the top spots for a reason. It’s main, non-vitamin/mineral ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid, which only appears to be effective for a few hours at a time, but the vitamins & minerals that Testogen contains will certainly help those that are deficient. Whether you’re a beginner with testosterone-boosting products or a seasoned user, Testogen has the right ingredients to give you a boost you might need.


marine muscle trooper reviews

Best for men that: Are interested in increasing stamina and recovery from the gym

Benefits of Trooper:

Drawbacks of Trooper:

Trooper is from a pretty new company that represents hardcore products. Out of all of the products that Marine Muscle offers, Trooper is our favorite because of the mix of ingredients, along with a decent price that comes with it.

What’s in Trooper? Trooper’s main ingredient is “DAA”. However, it also contains plenty of essential & non-essential vitamins and minerals. Just like the #1 test booster, TestDrol, Trooper contains Vitamin D3 and zinc, to cover any bases of low test levels due to vitamin deficiency. 

Our Final Thoughts On Trooper: Trooper by Marine Muscle is one of about a dozen different products that the company sells. Based on everything they sell and our analyzation of all of their products, we feel like Trooper is going to be the best product you can get from them if you’re looking to get a decent boost in testosterone levels and increase your sexual prowess in the bedroom. With a healthy dosing of DAA and moderate doses of Tribulus and Fenugreek seed extract, Trooper will get you pretty good results.


testo-max reviews

Best for men that: Are beginners at the gym and need an intro product that will offer decent gains but also not too weak

Benefits of Testo-Max:

Drawbacks of Testo-Max:

Testo-Max comes from a family of muscle builders and test boosters called CrazyBulk. Some products they sell aren’t nearly as good as what you see here. Testo-Max contains some clinically tested ingredients that have been deemed safe to use for anyone wanting to boost testosterone levels and get an edge at the gym.

What’s in Testo-Max? It contains a very similar formula as #2-#3 current products on the top rated testosterone list. It’s comprised of vitamins and minerals, which are essential for healthy testosterone production. You’ll also find a large dose of DAA

Our Final Thoughts On Testo-MaxYou’ll get a full month’s supply of Testo-Max in every bottle.  It’s a little pricey for containing mostly vitamins and DAA, but if that’s what you require in your test-booster, then look no further.


animal test reviews

Best for men that: Seasoned lifter or bodybuilder, used to taking multiple doses of large quantities of pills each day. 

Benefits of Animal Test:

Drawbacks of Animal Test:

Our Final Thoughts On Animal TestThere’s no guarantee with this product, but it comes from a reputable company that’s been around since the 1970’s.  You’ll see gains with Animal Test, but the downsides come with 8 pills per day and possible stomach cramps and nausea. So, be sure to take with a meal. It’s only a 2.5-3 week supply, so if money is no object, and you’ve already got the experience of maintaining a product like this, then we suggest giving it a shot.


cellucor p6 reviews

Best for men that: Want a good product, without worrying about how much the cost is.

Benefits of Cellucor P6 Original:

Drawbacks of Cellucor P6 Original:

Our Final Thoughts On Cellucor P6 Testosterone BoosterCellucor has been around for ages and even though this product doesn’t come with any sort of money back guarantee, we’d say that you’re safe. One thing to consider is that the current #1 product, TestDrol contains the same ingredients + even more test boosting ingredients than what P6 contains, but TestDrol is nearly 3/4 the price. Both product last for 30 days.



Benefits of Test Freak:

Drawbacks of Test Freak:

Our Final Thoughts On Test FreakTest Freak will land you at least 30 hard core days of test boosting bliss. There’s no guarantee on this product, but we see no reason why you shouldn’t give it a shot since most people experience moderate muscle growth and increased sexual performance while taking Test Freak.

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an essential hormone in both men & women. Most people don’t realize that both sexes produce testosterone levels, although the amounts are very little in women compared to levels in a healthy man. Testosterone is actually found throughout the animal kingdom in all mammals, reptiles, etc. It’s absolutely essential for every type of living creature.

You may not realize it, but testosterone is a steroid. It’s just one that your body creates, naturally. But chemically, it’s no different than the testosterone that bodybuilders inject into their bodies. However, the difference is the amounts. Too much testosterone can cause issues, such as acne, high BP levels, high cholesterol levels, fatty liver, an increase in estrogen production, and the list goes on. But low testosterone is just as harmful! 

So, you think you might have low testosterone levels? The most common issue most men experience is a gradual decline over several years. However, some men experience a more sudden drop off in testosterone. There are also a number of men who never achieved normal levels to begin with. We’ll talk about all of these that men suffer from.

Scenario 1 – A gradual drop off. Well, of course it sucks and chances are you made it a long time before you even realized that you were on the “bad end” of the spectrum of testosterone. Some guys make it to our site in their 30’s, but the bulk of guys are in their late 40’s and range all the way up to the 80’s. 

The hard pill to swallow here is that you’re considered “normal”. Since a gradual drop off in testosterone happens with all men at some point in their lives, doctors rarely prescribe testosterone injections unless your score outside of the “normal” range. 

Scenario 2 – PTSD can be a very scary situation. Researchers have found that PTSD can come from physical trauma. But that may sound confusing. Some soldiers that have returned from war said they were never around bombs or experienced combat. However, what some did experience was when they shot off various large cannons. The simple shock wave over and over was enough to do some damage to their endocrine system and cause issues with their pituitary glands. The human body can persevere, but it’s also quite delicate.

You can read more about the findings here »

Scenario 3 – For whatever reason, some dudes just get the worst hand of cards. Most of us guys correlate low testosterone with just the inability to get a decent erection. However, most guys that never had much testosterone to begin with often show signs of depression, anxiety, heart problems, usually overweight, and definitely never had much to offer in the way of muscles. 

Some of these men find out later in life and have 1 of 2 reactions: 1 Anger. “Why did I have to wait till now to find out” or angry at their doctor from childhood or even the parents. Reaction 2 is usually happy, since now they have a chance to almost immediately correct a life-long problem.

What Is The Average Testosterone Level?

250ng/dL – 1200ng/dL

The average testosterone level in men is about 680 ng/dL. Researches have suggested that the healthiest men range from about 500 – 700. Average levels ‘equals’ healthiest to us. The full range of “normal” is about 250 – 1200ng/dL.

But here’s where things get very, very complicated. Let’s say, for example, that a man had “normal” levels of 850 for the majority of his life. But he starts feeling like crap at around 45 years old. So, he heads over to the doctor to get tested and WHAM, his levels come back at 400ng/dL. His testosterone levels have been completely cut in half and then some! But guess what? The doctor WILL NOT give him a shots because he’s still considered “normal”. The doctor would likely tell the man that his testosterone levels are perfect. 

The real problem here is when a guy that’s 20 years old goes to the doctor because he’s constantly tired, anxious, and generally unwell. His number might come back at 250 ng/dL. Guess what, he’s not getting testosterone either. Why? Because his numbers are in the “normal” range. By the way, the “normal” range is for men 18-85 years old. So, if you score low, but not “too low” you’re completely screwed

The system is broken. And that’s why we’re here to help. Keep reading to find out what the best natural testosterone boosting ingredients are…


What Are The Best Natural Testosterone-Boosting Ingredients?

Still need more information? We don’t blame you! Here’s a list of the best testosterone boosting ingredients. Not the popular ingredients, since half of those aren’t even effective.

#1 Ingredient For Boosting Testosterone - KSM-66

Maybe you haven’t heard of KSM-66, but you’ve likely heard of ashwagandha root. KSM-66 is actually a derivative of ashwagandha. However, they’re not exactly the same thing. KSM-66 goes through multiple extraction and filtration processes and only uses the root of the ashwagandha plant, which happens to be the only beneficial part of the entire plant. 

This is how people are getting scammed with KSM-66™. Make sure that each serving contains the clinically proven amount of 600mg. Far too often does a product contain this incredible ingredient, only to use 50-300mg per serving, which is very misleading. In fact, the creators of KSM-66 have it in their policy agreement to use their patented amount. So, if a supplement company is using less than that amount, don’t even bother trusting them. They’re already breaking an agreement with someone else and likely care very little about you.

KSM-66™ Benefits

#2 - Fenugreek Seed Extract

Don’t confuse the powder you use to cook with the extract. Extracts are usually in the ballpark of 10-50 times more powerful/concentrated than their powdered cousins.

There are multiple studies (123) that use fenugreek seed extract at 500mg as well as up to 600mg that all show very conclusive results – That fenugreek seed extract is a great way to increase testosterone levels, boost libido, and sexual desire. 

Fenugreek extract (Testofen) is effective for more than 90% of those that use it. One of the studies showed that it boosted testosterone levels up to 46%. A longer study showed that it could boost T-levels by up to 96%!

How not to get screwed when looking for products with Fenugreek. Make sure that you’re getting Fenugreek EXTRACT!!! Otherwise, you’re just buying a cooking ingredient. The minimum acceptable amount is 500mg. 600mg seems to be the best, since it contains studies behind it as well. And there’s no point in taking more than 600mg per day. It seems that more side effects may show up without any additional benefits if you take more than about 600mg per day.

Fenugreek Extract (Testofen) Benefits

#3 - Longjack or Tongkat Ali

Studies have Longjack pegged at increasing testosterone by 46% for 91% of all test subjects. While it does increase testosterone levels, many people take it purely for boosting natural energy levels, improving stamina, as well as just all around bettering athletic performance.

Don’t get scammed. The best dosage we’ve seen is 150-200mg range per serving. In fact, it’s 150mg but 200:1 extract. That means that less than 1mg of this dose is more powerful than 200mg of Longjack powder. MATH!

Longjack or Tongkat Ali Benefits

#4 - Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii is much rarer ingredient, simply because it’s very, very expensive. However, when used correctly and with the clinically tested amounts of 500mg per serving, coleus forskohlii is shown to boost muscle mass in test subjects by up to 8 pounds of lean muscle gain in just a couple of months. Not only muscle mass, but test subjects also saw a drastic amount of fat loss, which came to an average of just over 12 pounds! The interesting thing is that there wasn’t a compromise in muscle mass. Subjects simply gained muscle and burned fat.

One last big benefit that’s often overlooked is an increase in bone density. When you start producing more testosterone, your muscles quickly grow, which allows you to lift more weight and be more active. However, sometimes your muscles and joints get left behind, which can cause injury if you’re lifting more than you should. Coleus Forkskohlii helps keep your bones and joints healthy and grow effectively, along with your rise in testosterone levels.

Coleus Forskohlii Benefits

#5 - Vitamin D3

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”. Many people get their vitamin D from being outside. But that’s a double-edged sword. We all know that too much sun without any protective sunscreen can cause things like melanoma. And if you’re concerned with wrinkles, then that might be bothersome too. 

You may think that since you use sunscreen that you can still benefit from being outside and getting vitamin D naturally. Well, you’d be wrong. Sunscreen actually blocks your body from getting vitamin D. Sorry!

Over 70% of the worlds population is vitamin D deficient. But here’s the good thing – It’s easy to consume and pretty cheap if you just want a standalone ingredient. 

How does vitamin D help with testosterone? Well, besides it being absolutely essential for hormone production, increasing immune functionality, and protecting from disease, when taken at doses of 3,332IU per day, it actually helps increase testosterone levels by up to 25%.

Don’t get scammed. It’s well known among supplement enthusiasts that the FDA recommended dose for Vitamin D3 is extraordinarily low. So, any supplement that only provides 100% of your daily value is the barebones minimum amount. To put it into different terms, the “minimum wage” amount of Vitamin D3… just enough to get by, but not really enough to get ahead. +3,000IU is recommended for boosting testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3 Benefits

#6 - Zinc

Your body can’t maintain or store zinc levels. So, in order to stay healthy, you must consume zinc every single day. Of course, you can rely on proper nutrition, but it’s rare that anyone, unless under a very strict meal plan, can achieve proper nutrition without the aid of supplements. Most foods that contain higher levels of zinc are meats like fish, beef, chicken, & pork. You can also get zinc from nuts, oatmeal, and yogurt. 

And more is not better! If you consume too much zinc, you might experience headaches, nausea, cramps, and/or vomiting. It’s recommended to stay UNDER 40mg of zinc per day. Some people have more, but it’s much easier to handle if doses are spread throughout the day, rather than consumed all at once. 

Who’s not getting enough zinc? Vegetarians, vegans, and alcoholics. 

So, supplementing with zinc can be the easiest way to maintain health, keep hormone levels healthy, avoid sickness, and boost testosterone levels safely and naturally.

Zinc Benefits

#7 - Diindolymethane (DIM)

While DIM doesn’t actually boost testosterone, it’s a vital ingredient that should be in every top-rated testosterone booster because of it’s estrogen-regulating properties.

Diindolymethane comes from cruciferous plants such as broccoli and kale. However, you won’t have much luck getting enough Diindolymethane just by eating more kale. Only a small amount is found in each serving. 

So, what does Diindolymethane do? It helps regulate estrogen levels. However, Diindolymethane doesn’t necessarily decrease the estrogen in your body. If your estrogen levels are too low, Diindolymethane will actually bring them to more healthy levels and if you’re too high, then it brings them down.

Why bother with lowering estrogen? Well, just the right amount of estrogen in men is great. It’s good for joints, mood, nice skin, and general health. However, if you have too much estrogen, a whole slew of problems may arise. “bitch tits”, acne, water retention, high BP levels, high chol. levels, general heart problems, oh and an increased risk with certain cancers. So, yeah, keeping estrogen levels in check is certainly a good idea.

How much Diindolymethane should I be taking? Taking more than 100mg hasn’t shown to be any more effective. But under 50mg per day doesn’t seem to do much at all. Studies suggest that 100mg per day is likely the sweet spot.

Diindolymethane Benefits

Best Ingredients For Boosting Sexual Stamina

Tribulus Terrestris

It may come to a shock to you, but no, Tribulus Terrestris doesn’t increase or have much impact at all on testosterone levels. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s place in T-boosters or enhancement products. In fact, it does contribute to an increase in sexual performance and better performance in the gym. Think of Tribulus as more of a “pre workout” for sex or the gym.

Based on all the dozens and dozens of studies, tribulus terrestris does show an increase in lean muscle gain and an increase in strength compared to placebo. It also plays it’s part in the bedroom. Reports show that users were able to maintain harder erections for a longer period of time. 

Make sure you get enough Tribulus Terrestris in your supplement. Smaller amounts won’t do much at all. Stick to products that contain over 400mg in each serving size. Another thing to make sure of is that tribulus isn’t the sole ingredient in your supplement. Otherwise, you’re definitely over paying, even if it’s $10 for 30 servings. Tribulus is a very cheap ingredient and appears to work better when other ingredients are added, creating a synergistic effect among them all.

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

Maca Root

It’s one of the only ingredients that have men switching over from actual synthetic hormones or the little blue pill to Maca Root. If your main goal is sexual stamina, then this potent extract might be for you. 

Maca Root offers benefits like a natural boost of energy and a reduction in cortisol levels. Cortisol is the “bad” guy. It’s what causes stress, which causes testosterone levels to plummet and is responsible for fast weight gain. Maca root extract is also known to be an immune booster.

What’s the right amount of Maca root extract to take? Like everything else on this list, there’s a “right” number. Maca can be filtered and extracted down to an extremely potent form of 10:1 extract. The most powerful formula that we’ve seen is 200mg at 10:1. That’s the same thing as taking 2,000mg of a typical extract.

Maca Root Benefits

How Do Test-Boosters Work?

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