MandroTEST Review

This review of MandroTEST testosterone booster will go in depth in order to give you the pros, cons, side-effects, pricing, and how the ingredients work to give you a better idea if this product is worth trying or skipping.

Best for men that: Want to increase strength, & muscle size, improve erections & stamina, as well as reduce belly fat and waist size.

What Is MandroTEST?

Official product name: MandroTEST™ Androgenic Performance Complex

What is MandroTEST? – MandroTEST is a 3-in-1 testosterone boosting formula, that contains both fast-acting and long-term rated ingredients. It works as a T-booster, premium male enhancement, and men’s multi.

Is MandroTEST recommended? – Yes. MandroTEST contains the clinically tested amounts of multiple test-boosting ingredients and each bottle contains a 30-day supply. And the price is fantastic at only $59.

Where can MandroTEST be purchased? – Your best bet for customer security and special offers is the official site – []

Mandrotest reviews

Benefits of MandroTEST:

Drawbacks of MandroTEST:

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MandroTEST Is Made For Men, But Helps Women Too!

Yes, MandroTEST is a powerful testosterone booster. Yes, it’s a strong male enhancement product. But many of the ingredients found in MandroTEST are often found in women’s libido enhancers. So, if both parties of a couple are struggling in the bedroom, you only need to buy a single product – MandroTEST.

Reviewing The MandroTEST Label…

We looked over the label for instructions or recommended dosage for MandroTEST. The manufacturer recommends taking 2 capsules once per day. Since this product contains D3 and a couple of other fat-soluble ingredients, it’s probably best to take 5-10 minutes before a meal for everything to be fully absorbed.

One thing that we love – MandroTEST contains a fully, transparent label. Which means that they breakdown EXACTLY what’s in it and the precise amounts of each ingredient. So, you know just what you’re putting into your body.

mandrotest supplement facts

A Few Days of Taking MandroTEST…

Here’s the breakdown of how this is a 3-in-1 product. Many guys are after a “quick fix” and want to immediately take care of the problems in the bedroom. Well, MandroTEST contains an incredible male-enhancement formulation, which kicks in after only around a week.

For those that have a slightly different goal of boosting testosterone levels, but still overlaps with male enhancement it also has some powerful testosterone boosting ingredients, which take around 4-6 weeks to hit peak levels.

Cortisol, AKA – STRESS… AKA The testosterone killer… MandroTEST contains the best ingredients for lowering cortisol levels and improving stress. This often coincides with a transition of hormones and works longer like testosterone. Expect this to really shine after about 4 weeks.

Any product out there (and there are 100’s!) that claims “immediate fix” is PURE BS! MandroTEST has one of the best ingredient profiles we’ve seen. We highly recommend it.

mandrotest vs competitors

2 Capsules of MandroTEST Each Day…

Even though results are slow, they come, and far more impressive than most products out there. Most people are bragging about seeing 20% increases in their lifts after only 2-3 weeks. Coleus Forskohlii builds in your body, so don’t take it like a pre-workout, which is typically only when you’d go to the gym. Instead, take this product every single day, without fail, in order to ensure fast results.

MandroTEST Side Effects

Side effects come in 2 categories: Good side effects and bad side effects. Obviously, before jumping into a supplement routine with a new product, you need to know both.

Positive side effects:

  • Boost in free testosterone
  • Better, stronger erections
  • Lower stress levels
  • Boost in natural energy levels
  • More strength & stamina
  • Faster recovery from lifting weights & training
  • Fat loss (Not weight. Your muscle is safe from being wasted away)

Negative side effects:

  • Higher sex drive (can be a BIG negative if your partner can’t match you)
  • Hungrier (more muscle mass requires more fuel)


What Are The Ingredients In MandroTEST?

Long Jack Root (Eurycoma Longifolia Root Extract aka Tongkat Ali)

Lowering tension, anger and confusion, Longjack has been clinically tested and proven to boost testosterone levels up to 37% in test subjects.

mandrotest ingredients longjack root

Vitamin D3

Most of the world is deficient in this vital ingredient. It improves immune levels, helps us heal from wounds faster, improves skin conditions, strengthens bones, and boosts testosterone levels by 25%.

mandrotest ingredients vitamin d3

Tribulus Terrestris 45% Saponins

Tribulus is often hyped up and some companies will take advantage of people by adding low quality tribulus, which is usually around 15-20% saponins. 45% saponins is about as high-quality you’ll be able to find anywhere

Just so you understand why this is important, MandroTEST contains nearly 500mg. A cheap product would need over 2,500mg just to match this quality.

mandrotest ingredients high quality tribulus

Saffron Extract

Saffron is the king of stress KILLERS! If you’ve read our entire article, you’ll know that stress essentially evaporates testosterone levels. MandroTEST contains the clinically proven amount (30mg per serving). It’s power has been concluded by scientists that it’s as powerful as R-X products when taken on a daily basis.

mandrotest ingredients saffron

Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is another powerful anti-stress ingredients. As you know, stress is a T-killer. Gotu kola helps reverse stress levels and even improves circulation and reduces swelling throughout the body, which helps improve blood flow to all areas of the body.


Clinical tests have shown that magnesium helps athletes boost their performance and even helps them recover faster from their workouts. Magnesium does this by reducing the amount of lactase in the muscles. Lactate is what makes you sore after a workout. Magnesium will help you both workout longer, more efficiently, and allow you to work out more often due to less soreness.


Zinc performs so many vital functions in the body. It’s responsible for maintaining healthy sexual function in both men and women. Zinc boosts testosterone. It even helps with improving immune levels and helps keep daily users from getting sick. Forget the apple a day… Take zinc instead! 

Vitamin B6

If you’re an older guy, then you definitely know what inflammation feels like. Sore joints, sore muscles, etc. Vitamin B6 on a daily basis helps reduce swelling and inflammation. It is one of the best ingredients to improve natural energy levels, which in turn helps to improve mood and lowers anxiety.

Vitamin B3

BLOOD FLOW! MandroTEST uses just the right amount of vitamin b3 (niacin) so that you get the benefit of blood vessel expansion without the redness & itchiness that comes with high doses. But b3 also helps chol. levels by improving the good levels (hdl) and lowering the bad ones (ldl).

Chromium Picolinate

An essential mineral, chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels and has a nice appetite suppressing effect, which in many clinical tests, has reduced overall body fat percentages.

Why Is It Healthy To Have Normal Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone isn’t a gimmick. It’s vital to all men to be able to maintain health. Increasing natural testosterone doesn’t cause “rage” or strange body problems like steroids will. By increasing your natural levels, your mood improves, your energy levels increase. What else? Oh, sex drive comes back, fat drops off, your heart health improves, it’s far easier to gain muscle mass. The list goes on and on why healthy testosterone levels are so important to men.

Where To Buy MandroTEST:

MandroTEST is currently offering 20% off orders over $89. Just use code: MAN20

1 bottle / 30 day supply – $59.95

2 bottles  / 60 day supply – $119.95 ($95.96 with the coupon)

3+1 Free bottles / 120 day supply – $139.95 ($143.96 with the coupon)

Bottom Line: Does MandroTEST Work? 

MandroTEST is a no nonsense product. The price is very competitive, the label is completely clear with every single ingredient. Even the amounts of each ingredient are scientifically backed by studies. This product is a rising star. We’re happy with it, and we’re waiting on more customers to give feedback. But we’re guessing this will be one of the top products based on our success, the solid ingredient profile, price point, and the solid guarantee. 

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