Nugenix Total-T Review

A boost in testosterone levels? Yes please! One simple pill that will do the trick sounds like a great deal to me!

Unfortunately, not all of these supplements are able to give you the results that they promise. 

No one wants to get scammed, but it can be so hard figuring out which products were made with you in mind and which ones were made just to take your money!

This is why we evaluate every aspect of supplements. Here you can find all of the information you need to figure out which supplement is most suited for you.

Best for those that: Want slight increase in testosterone, a nudge in libido, and are not afraid of side effects.

What is Nugenix Total-T?

Official product name: Nugenix Total-T 

What is Nugenix Total-T? Nugenix Total-T is a testosterone booster created by the company Nugenix. This company doesn’t have the best reputation, but that hasn’t stopped customers from buying their products. Total-T uses a small list of ingredients to attempt to raise testosterone levels. 

Is Nugenix Total-T recommended? Not highly, more than half of this formula is made of one ingredient that doesn’t affect testosterone levels. It does contain a few good ingredients for boosting testosterone, but considering the price it isn’t worth the slight results you might have. Overall, it isn’t a very well designed supplement and wasn’t created to give users a powerful increase in their testosterone levels. 

Where can Nugenix Total-T be purchased? If you choose to buy this product it can be purchased on different websites across the internet like Amazon and in some stores like Walmart. Depending on where you buy it from it can cost anywhere between $51.99-$64.99.

Benefits of Nugenix Total-T:
Drawbacks of Nugenix Total-T:

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Nugenix Total-T Reviews

Some customers who have used this product thought it was okay, but for a lot of unfortunate buyers all they got was a joke in a bottle. People who purchased it even mentioned that it was such a waste you may as well just set your money on fire. 

Other customers expressed that the company was shady based on how it practiced business and the state of the product they were sent. 

Overall, there were a lot of customers that were disappointed with how ineffective it was. Plus, they didn’t appreciate all of the negative side effects.


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Who can use Nugenix Total-T?

Nugenix Total-T can be taken by anyone who is 18 years or older, but it is specified that it should be used by men.

More specifically the people who would find this product most useful are those that would like a slight increase in testosterone and an extra push in libido. 

It is not recommended to be used by anyone with a medical condition or taking any medications unless it has previously been discussed with your doctor. 

Reviewing The Nugenix Total-T Label…

It is recommended to take 3 capsules everyday. These capsules can be taken with or without food. 

This product doesn’t specify if the capsules should be taken all at once or in separate doses. We recommend taking them in separate doses to help you avoid side effects if you choose to take this product.

What Does It Mean To Get A Real Testosterone Boost?

Getting a real boost in testosterone means you can feel and see the difference. When your body has higher testosterone levels you’ll notice increased muscle gain, decreased body fat, and improved libido. 

When we get older, our testosterone levels naturally start to drop. This can result in a loss of hair, reduction in libido/erectile function, muscle loss, increased fat, and unhappiness. 

Fortunately, when you get a real boost in testosterone all of these symptoms can go away and you can get some extra added benefits too!

Nugenix Total-T Side Effects:

Some of the customers who have used this product have found that it can cause an upset stomach, burning sensation, fatigue, abdominal pain, chills, sluggishness, a loss of energy and more. 

The ingredients used in this formula can also cause heartburn, changes in urination, coughing, swelling, diarrhea, bloating, gas, dizziness, and headaches. 

Although none of these side effects are too severe, they can still be very unpleasant. We prefer to see supplements with a lower risk of negative side effects.

What Are The Ingredients In Nugenix Total-T?

The ingredients are one of the most important parts of a supplement evaluation. This section can help you figure out if a supplement will be beneficial, if it causes side effects, and if it will actually be able to give you the benefits that it claims it will. 

Nugenix Total-T contains vitamin B6, vitamin B12, zinc, L-citrulline malate, fenugreek extract, elevATP blend (ancient peat and apple fruit extracts), eurycoma longifolia extract, and boron.

Based on a surface glance, these ingredients probably don’t mean very much to you. Take a deeper look into these ingredients so you can decide if this product is right for you!

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a very important vitamin, especially for women. But, this doesn’t mean that men can’t benefit from it too. Vitamin B6 is great for improving mood, supporting brain health, reducing PMS symptoms, and boosting eye health. 

There hasn’t been very much research done on how it affects testosterone levels, but a rat study was done to investigate this theory. 

The rats in this study were not given vitamin B6 for 4 weeks in order to cause a B6 deficiency. Because of this deficiency the rats showed either decreased testosterone production or increased metabolic clearance. (7)

This study shows that vitamin B6 isn’t an ingredient to rely on to raise your testosterone levels, but, if you have a B6 deficiency that is causing low testosterone levels, B6 can help. 

This makes it a nice ingredient to see in a testosterone booster because it ensures that your body has one of the vitamins it needs for regular testosterone production.

Vitamin B12

This ingredient is another vitamin that is very popular among women. It is most commonly taken to help prevent birth defects, support bone health, improve mood, boost energy, and increase the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

It is possible that a deficiency in vitamin B12 could cause a deficiency in testosterone, however, the relationship between this vitamin and testosterone has not really been researched.

Deficiencies in B12 aren’t super common, but like pretty much any deficiency, they are possible. And even if you aren’t deficient it is still a great vitamin to have more of so you can get an extra boost to your health. 

Although we aren’t exactly sure why vitamin B12 was added as an ingredient in this formula, increasing your vitamin intake is almost always a great thing. Vitamins are very important and this vitamin in particular can give you some helpful benefits.


Zinc is a very important mineral that is responsible for assisting with more than 100 chemical processes inside your body. 

Although there are many other stronger and more recommended ways to increase testosterone levels, increasing zinc intake is a good start. 

The most common and safest recommendation for taking zinc to improve testosterone levels is 50mg of elemental zinc or 220mg of zinc sulfate. These doses should be taken twice a day for 1-4 months to increase testosterone levels.  (8)

This formula does only contain 1mg of zinc which is about 9% of your needed daily intake. At an amount this low, it probably won’t be super beneficial. However, vitamins and minerals are very important, so even just a small amount might be able to help with something.

L-Citrulline Malate

This is by far the largest ingredient in this formula, which usually means it’s the most effective. In this case, while it does have some benefits for erectile function, L-citrulline malate doesn’t help with raising testosterone levels. 

Although this ingredient doesn’t have very much human research, some rat studies have been done to test its effects on erectile function.  

In one study castrated rats were randomly split up into different groups who either received L-citrulline or regular food for 4 weeks. Both groups showed a decrease in testosterone levels. 

But, it was concluded that oral l-citrulline can help to improve erectile response in castrated rats. (1)

While supplementation of L-citrulline malate doesn’t positively affect testosterone levels, it can slightly improve erectile function in rats. 

As by far the largest ingredient in this testosterone booster, making up more than half of the formula found in this product, we would have liked to see some benefits on testosterone. On the bright side, at least this ingredient isn’t completely useless. 

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek is a popular ingredient in weight loss supplements and testosterone boosters. It is a very well studied ingredient that has become so popular due to its safety and efficacy. The only study we have found that did not show significant results in testosterone boosting was done in 2010. 

In this study, 49 resistance trained men participated in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled experiment. Subjects were either given 500mg of fenugreek or a placebo everyday and participated in supervised training 4 days a week for 8 weeks. 

The training volume showed no significant differences between groups, but fenugreek did show a significant impact on body composition when compared to the placebo. 

While fenugreek was able to increase testosterone in this study, the increase was not significant when compared to the placebo. (2)

With this being the study with the worst results, we think it’s safe to say this is a good ingredient for testosterone boosting. Plus, it is a great way to increase muscle mass and decrease body fat giving you an improved body composition. 

ElevATP Blend (Ancient Peat and Apple Fruit Extracts)

This ingredient is a little less heard of then most, but it is still becoming popular. This is likely because one study that tested it had a lot of success, however, the researchers in this study were employed by the owners of ElevATP. (4)

With such strong bias, it is hard to trust the results of this research. Which is why another study was conducted that claims they have no bias. 

In this other study, 25 subjects participated in resistance training for 8 weeks with a 2 week taper phase and a 2 week overreach period. During the 12 week experiment subjects were either given an ancient peat and apple extract supplement or a placebo. 

At the end of the trial researchers found that supplementation had no effect on fat loss but may be able to enhance resistance training induced skeletal muscle hypertrophy. (5)

Because this ingredient hasn’t been tested on testosterone, it is hard to say whether or not it has a real purpose in this formula.

Eurycoma Longifolia Extract

We love to see this ingredient in testosterone boosting supplements. Also known as long jack root and tongkat ali, eurycoma longifolia is a plant that originated in Southeast Asia. 

It has become very popular in supplements, although it may be hard to tell because it goes by so many different names. 

One study evaluated the effects of eurycoma longifolia on hormones and mood. A total of 63 subjects were given either a placebo or a 200mg eurycoma longifolia supplement everyday for 4 weeks. 

After supplementation, the treatment group showed reduced tension (-11%), decreased confusion (-15%), and increased testosterone levels (37%). (3)

Because this supplement only contains half of the amount of eurycoma longifolia that was used in this experiment, it is unknown how effective it will be in these areas. But, it is still a good ingredient that is known for boosting testosterone when dosed correctly. 


Boron is a good ingredient to see in a testosterone booster, which is why it can be found in almost any formula that you find. Even though it’s nothing special, we are still happy to see it in this formula. 

One study tested the effects of boron supplementation on testosterone in 8 healthy males. It was tested against a placebo for 7 days. 

At the end of the trial free testosterone levels were raised significantly and estradiol levels had decreased significantly. (6)

Because of results like this, boron has become very popular. Although it can easily be found, it’s not an ingredient to overlook. Increasing testosterone and decreasing estradiol are great benefits to find in a testosterone booster. 

However, regardless of the benefits of this ingredient, it can’t do all of the work on its own.

Why is it Important to Have a Testosterone Booster?

Having a testosterone booster can be a huge game changer. When you have a real, high quality supplement you will be able to feel the difference. 

Boosting your testosterone levels can help you improve your health, strengthen bones, reduce fat, increase muscle mass, heighten your sex drive, support cognitive functions, and put you in a better mood. 

Getting all of these benefits can help you live a better life, and a high quality testosterone boosting supplement is one of the best and easiest ways to do it. 

It’s time to stop allowing low testosterone levels to hold you back.

How Does This Formula Compare to Other Formulas?

When compared to other formulas, Nugenix Total-T isn’t the worst option, but if you want a powerful increase in testosterone levels, we recommend looking into some other options. 

Because the majority of each capsule doesn’t affect testosterone levels, we can’t recommend this supplement over other products who use only testosterone boosting ingredients. 

The ingredients in this formula are okay, but they weren’t planned well enough to give you a real boost in testosterone. While some of them are good to see, a lot of them aren’t very helpful. This isn’t necessarily a bad choice, but there are many better products for similar prices.


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Bottom Line: Does Nugenix Total-T Work?


More than half of the contents in this pill don’t affect testosterone levels. This shows poor craftsmanship and can make you feel like the company doesn’t actually care about the needs of the consumer. It also only comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which means you’re not even able to test out a full bottle. Both of these examples show that not only is it a low quality product, but it’s made by a low quality company as well.


To be frank, this product is very overpriced for what you’re getting and is probably not even worth half the cost. Nugenix Total-T has some good ingredients and some of those ingredients were added in proper amounts. This adds some value, but usually for a price like this we expect to see all good ingredients that have all been dosed properly.


Some customers have had good experiences, but for many of the people who purchased this product, it was a let down. As a testosterone booster, this supplement isn’t equipped to give customers what they need. Some customers did mention that it made a great laxative. However, if all you’re looking for is a simple laxative, it is very easy to find a cheaper one.

Bottom Line:

Overall, this isn’t a horrible product, but this formula wasn’t designed to give you the powerful results you are desiring. An increase in libido is nice, but usually when you buy a testosterone booster is because you really want your testosterone levels to skyrocket. 

The only majority of this formula doesn’t even affect testosterone levels. Which is pretty low for a so-called “testosterone booster.” There are plenty of high quality, effective testosterone boosters in this price range. The difference is high quality supplements are worth the money and give you the results you need. 

Nugenix Total-T FAQ's

Is there a money back guarantee? As far as we can tell it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee on amazon. However, the company’s website does offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Because there is an industry standard of having at least a 60 day money back guarantee, this product falls behind the bare minimum in this category. 

How long does each bottle last? Each bottle of 90 capsules gives you a 30 day supply. 

Is Nugenix Total-T safe? It is a relatively safe supplement to take. It may cause some unpleasant side effects, but the ingredients in this formula are all moderately safe. 

Can I sign up for an autoship program? If you choose to purchase this product, you can sign up for a “Subscribe & Save” option on Amazon and have it automatically shipped to you. We do not recommend these options because they can lead to unused products and consistent charges. 

Is Nugenix Total-T Vegan Friendly? No, the capsules used for this product are made with gelatin.

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