Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi Review

Every guy knows that as you grow old, your testosterone levels start to go down. This is one part of aging that none of us look forward to, and is the reason testosterone boosters have become so popular. By naturally raising your testosterone levels you are able to look, act, and think like you never lost them.

We also all know how great the benefits of extra testosterone can be, even if you haven’t started losing it yet. When you want intense muscle gain, a boost in your sex life, or to cut down those extra pounds, testosterone has you covered.

But, you alway want to make sure you’re getting a high quality product that will give you the results that you want. Keep reading to find out if Testosterone Maximum Booster is the real deal or if it’s another worthless scam.

Best for those that: Want a boost in energy and are not afraid of side effects from too high of ingredient doses.

What is Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi?

Official product name: – Testosterone Maximum Booster by Agobi

What is Testosterone Maximum Booster? – Testosterone Maximum Booster is a testosterone booster that is sold on amazon.com. It is made by the company Agobi and is manufactured in the USA. Customers have found that it is best used as a way to provide you with more energy.  

Is Testosterone Maximum Booster recommended? – This is a pretty good formula, but it isn’t highly recommended. Testosterone Maximum Booster does have some good ingredients, but the amounts are risky and weren’t based on clinical research. If you want to use this product we suggest using as an energy booster, not for testosterone.

Where can Testosterone Maximum Booster be purchased? – This product can be purchased online from Amazon.com for $15.99 or on ebay for $21.79.

Benefits of Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi:
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Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi Reviews

Customers who have used this product have found that it can promote some relaxation and provide a bit of energy.

There are also many customers who claimed it was a waste and that they didn’t feel any difference and saw no noticeable changes. Some even finished the entire bottle without feeling any differences at all.

Multiple reviews also mentioned that if the customer left a review, they would get a free bottle. This type of strategy can be helpful, but can also make people feel like their reviews are being bought.


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Who can use Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi?

Testosterone Maximum Booster can be taken by anyone who is 18 years or older. It should not be used by anyone who is pregnant or nursing. 

If you have any medical conditions or are taking any medications, it is very important to speak with your doctor before using. Even if you don’t fall into either of these categories, we still highly recommend contacting your healthcare professional before use.

Reviewing The Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi Label…

It is recommended to take two capsules everyday or as directed by your healthcare provider. When using this product it is very important to not exceed the recommended doses. We strongly recommend speaking with your doctor before using.

What Does It Mean To Get A Real Testosterone Boost?

Getting a real boost in your testosterone levels is every guy’s dream. But how can you tell if it’s really working? Well, when you have increased testosterone you’ll notice improved muscle mass, fat loss, sex drive, cognitive functions, and more!

As we get older, we start to have lower amounts of testosterone. But, you don’t have to settle for that. When you get a real testosterone boost you get all of these benefits and can regain your manhood like it never left. 

The most important part is that you’re getting the right booster for you. You need a high quality, high value supplement that will give you results. Let’s see if testosterone Maximum Booster is it!

Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi Side Effects:

Customers who have taken this product have found that it can cause severe anxiety, but most people have simply felt no effects at all. No negative, but also no positive, which is very suspicious for these ingredients and ingredient amounts. It is possible that the ingredients or amounts listed are not what is listed.  

The ingredients in this supplement can cause:

  • an upset stomach
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • mercury/lead poisoning
  • dizziness
  • constipation
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • difficulty sleeping
  • liver problems.

What Are The Ingredients In Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi?

This supplement has a good amount of ingredients, but the ingredient amounts are a different story. Some of the ingredients are in safe and regular amounts but others are not so lucky. It contains 9,200 mg of the ingredients, but the price suggests that the ingredients are extremely low quality or the ingredient amounts are very misleading. 

We also would have liked to see more ingredients that can improve testosterone levels and which have evidence backing up their testosterone claims.

Ashwagandha Root

Ashwagandha root is a great ingredient to see in a testosterone booster. It can be used to help you improve cognitive functions, increase strength, reduce stress, and decrease inflammation. Most common doses are between 450mg and 500mg once or twice a day. Following these doses can keep you safe and help avoid side effects. 

The effects of ashwagandha were tested in a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled experiment. For 8 weeks subjects were given 300mg of ashwagandha or a placebo twice each day. When compared to the placebo group, those taking supplementation showed significant improvements in body fat percentage, testosterone levels, and muscle mass. (3)

Tribulus Extract

The small leafy plant known as tribulus terrestris can be found in many continents around the world. People often use it in supplementation to enhance libido, improve body composition, increase exercise performance, and support urinary tract health. However, studies haven’t found very much success in supporting many of these claims. 

In one study, researchers tested the effects of tribulus supplementation on strength, muscle mass, and urinary testosterone/epitestosterone ratio. A total of 22 subjects participated and were given either a tribulus supplement or a placebo once a day for 5 weeks. Strength, fat free mass, and urinary testosterone/epitestosterone ratio were the same in both groups. (1)

Safed Musli

This rare herb comes from India and is commonly used to reduce stress, improve weight loss, increase body building, and treat erectile dysfunction. While some of its benefits have been researched, many of the claims about this ingredient have no scientific evidence to support them. 

A randomized, double blind, placebo controlled experiment was conducted to test the effects of safed musli. For 12 weeks subjects were given either safed musli supplementation or a placebo. There was no statistical difference in the testosterone levels of the two groups, but it was able to help improve male sexual health. (2)

Saw Palmetto Powder

The saw palmetto plant comes from the southeastern region of the U.S. and is a type of palm that grows berries. People use it to help improve urinary tract function, reduce inflammation, and help regulate testosterone levels. While some of these claims have no supporting evidence, it can help to reduce hair loss. 

Saw palmetto was used in a double blind, placebo controlled study including healthy males between the ages of 23 and 64 who had trouble with hair loss. When compared to the placebo, 60% of men who were given the same components that can be found in saw palmetto showed improvements with hair growth. (7)

Maca Root

People have used this Peruvian herb as traditional medicine for many different reasons. Some of the more popular benefits are increasing libido, boosting energy, improving mood, and providing the body with antioxidants. Unfortunately, the small amount of research is giving people conflicting evidence about its benefits. 

In a review of 4 randomized clinical trials, researchers evaluated maca root’s ability to improve sexual dysfunction. Three trials suggested a significant positive effect on sexual dysfunction in both men and women. While the last experiment failed to show any effects at all. It was concluded that these studies provided too limited evidence to draw any conclusions. (6)

Shilajit Powder

This ingredient can be found in the rocks of the Himalayas. It is a sticky substance that is made from decomposing plants. Shilajit is very popular in supplements that boost testosterone, reduce altitude sickness, and prevent iron deficiencies. 

One randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study tested shilajit’s effects on testosterone in men between the ages of 45 and 55. Subjects were given 250mg or a placebo twice each day for 90 days. By the end of the trial period supplementation caused a significant increase in both total and free testosterone. (4)

Tongkat Ali Powder

Also known as eurycoma longifolia, the tongkat ali herb is known for its use as a traditional medicine in Southeastern Asia. It is most commonly used now because people claim that it can help increase testosterone levels, relieve stress, support weight loss, and improve fertility.

One study evaluated the effects of tongkat ali supplementation in 76 patients with late-onset hypogonadism. Participants took 200 mg of tongkat ali for 1 month. The majority of patients had normal testosterone values by the end of the study. It was concluded that tongkat ali is useful in overcoming late-onset hypogonadism. (5) We would like to see this ingredient tested against a placebo to get a more clear idea of how effective it is.

Why is it Important to Have a Testosterone Booster?

Having a testosterone booster can help you get to where you want to be in the gym, in the bedroom, and in life. It can help improve muscle mass, increase sex drive, boost mood, strengthen bones, support cognative functions, and reduce fat. 

These benefits can help you feel young again, give you the push in the gym that you need, and give your partner the sex life they have been waiting for. 

As you age, your body starts producing less testosterone. But, you don’t have to let that stop you from having the testosterone levels you want. This is why testosterone boosters can be so important. You can get better testosterone levels plus all of the benefits they can cause.

How Does This Formula Compare to Other Formulas?

When compared to other testosterone products, this supplement isn’t the best at increasing testosterone levels, but customers have found that it can help provide you with more energy.  

Testosterone Maximum Booster does contain some good ingredients, but we wish that it had more ingredients that are effective for increasing testosterone levels. The current formula only contains a few good ingredients. 

It is also concerning to see such high quantities of certain ingredients as a daily dose. Most effective testosterone boosters have researched the ingredients enough to put them in supplements in safe, yet very effective doses.


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Bottom Line: Does Testosterone Maximum Booster by Agobi Work?

Quality: The quality of this supplement is very questionable. There are some good ingredients but, some of these ingredients in this supplement aren’t added in safe amounts or don’t have any evidence to back up their claims. Plus, some customers received their bottle without all of the capsules in it (example: 43 capsules instead of 60). This shows overall poor quality in the product and the company that makes it. 

Value: This supplement is being sold at a very low price for the amount of mg you get in each serving. This is very suspicious and is most likely only possible if low quality or unpurified ingredients are being used, or if the ingredients and ingredient amounts are a lie all together. Plus, a lot of the ingredients aren’t beneficial to testosterone boosting. We prefer to see supplements that are worth the money you’re paying for it.

Results: The results vary from person to person. Some customers have gotten a few benefits from this product’s use. The most common benefits people have gotten are an increase in energy and a small promotion of relaxation. Most people haven’t seen much improvements in testosterone levels, or muscle growth. Even a lot of the positive reviews noted that they had noticed no differences whatsoever.

Bottom Line: It has worked for some people, but even high star reviews mention that it hasn’t done anything for them. The quality and value aren’t the best that we have seen in testosterone supplements, but it can be a good supplement to help boost energy levels.

Testosterone Maximum Booster By Agobi FAQ's

Is there a money back guarantee? Yes, this product comes with a “no questions asked money-back guarantee.” Unfortunately, they don’t give any further details about the guarantee or how it works. It’s hard to tell if this is a reliable guarantee or if it can be trusted. Usually it is easier to rely on money back guarantees when they give you details about the guarantee and answer any questions you may have.

How long does each bottle last? When taken as directed, each bottle of 60 capsules should come with a full 30 day supply.

Is Testosterone Maximum Booster by Agobi safe? Some of the ingredients are in safe amounts, but others, clearly weren’t based on science or safety. If you are looking for safety, we recommend looking into other options.

Can I sign up for an autoship program? Yes, because it is sold on Amazon, you can sign up for their “Subscribe and Save” option. We suggest avoiding these types of programs unless you have been using the product for a long time and plan to continue using it for a long time.

Is Testosterone Maximum Booster by Agobi worth it? In our opinion, you’re better off choosing a better supplement. While this product may be cheaper than some of the higher quality testosterone boosters, it is not worth the time or money.  

Is Testosterone Maximum Booster Vegan Friendly? Yes, these supplements are made with vegan friendly ingredients and come in vegan friendly capsules.

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