Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq Review

As men, we all know how far a boost in testosterone can go. For us, it’s like the fountain of youth. Testosterone can give you the benefits you want in the gym, in the bedroom, and in your daily 9-5. 

Our personal favorite way to get this much needed boost is with testosterone boosting supplements. They can help you increase your testosterone levels in a safe and natural way. Plus, with no needles needed! 

So, down to the real question, will Tribulus Ultra High Potency give you the boost you need? Let’s find out! 

Best for those that: Are 18 years or older and want a supplement that can possibly increase libido. 

What is Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq?

Official product name:Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq

What is Tribulus Ultra High Potency?Tribulus Ultra High Potency is a single ingredient “testosterone boosting” supplement. It is a vegan friendly and gluten free supplement made in the USA. The tribulus in this formula contains 95% saponins which is more than most tribulus supplements. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to support this ingredient’s use as a testosterone booster.  

Is Tribulus Ultra High Potency recommended? – In all honesty, no. There is no evidence that this supplement will increase your testosterone levels. Science actually supports the opposite and shows that it will do nothing for them. It is unfortunate to see that so many people have purchased this product just to have 0 results. If you want a testosterone booster, we suggest finding a high quality supplement that can actually give you results.

Where can Tribulus Ultra High Potency be purchased? – Tribulus can be purchased from the official Toniiq website,, and The price typically ranges between $20 and $30.

Benefits of Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq:
Drawbacks of Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq:

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Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq Reviews

Some customers found that all this product did was make them terribly sick and a lot of users had to stop taking it because of this. Aside from negative side effects, customers were displeased with the odd smell of the pills themselves and the fact that it didn’t have any positive effects on them. 

There were also mentions of this product offering a free bottle if you give them a good (5 star) review, which makes it difficult to trust the good reviews made for this product. When company’s do offer’s like this it’s a red flag. High quality products do not need to bribe customers in order to get good reviews.


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Who can use Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq?

This supplement can be taken by anyone who is 18 years or older as long as they are not pregnant or nursing. If you use this product, it is important to keep to the recommended dose and avoid taking any more than suggested. 

If you are taking any medications or have any medical conditions you should speak to your doctor before taking this supplement.

Reviewing The Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq Label…

Tribulus should be taken every day with a meal. It is recommended taking 2 capsules a day. (It is not specified if these capsules should be taken separately or together.) This means that each bottle of 120 capsules will last you 60 days. Like with all supplements, we recommend talking to your doctor before you start using this product. 

What Does It Mean To Get A Real Testosterone Boost?

Getting a real boost in testosterone is something that almost all of us guys want, especially us older men. When you get a real boost in testosterone you will notice the benefits and love them. 

Testosterone can help our body’s naturally reduce fat, increase lean muscle gain, improve energy levels, enhance our sex drive, and support our bone strength. These are benefits that every guy wants to see, even if you haven’t started losing your testosterone levels yet!

Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq Side Effects:

 We all know how unpleasant side effects can be. So it’s always nice to know what a supplement can cause before you buy it. 

People who have used this product have found that it also causes lower energy, diarrhea, nausea, increased appetite, migraines, smelly gas, bloating, irritability, insomnia, and heartburn. Luckily, most customers reported that after they stopped taking the product, the side effects went away. 

Tribulus can also cause stomach pain, cramping, constipation, and heavy menstrual bleeding. It is important to note that the safety of this product is only researched for upto 90 days. We suggest stopping after this time if you choose to take anything containing tribulus. (5)

What Are The Ingredients In Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq?

This supplement only contains one ingredient: tribulus terrestris. Usually, high quality testosterone enhancing supplements contain a list of multiple ingredients to help you get a well-rounded boost. Let’s take a look and see if this ingredient can do it all on its own.

Tribulus Extract (Whole Herb and Fruit)

Tribulus is a natural herb that has a long history as an herbal medicine. People are still using it today for many different reasons. Currently, the most popular reason is for boosting testosterone. 

This ingredient can be commonly found in testosterone boosting supplements. Unfortunately, for those of us who actually want to raise our testosterone levels, science doesn’t support its use in this area. 

Studies actually show that this herb doesn’t affect testosterone levels at all. 

In one study, researchers used 22 rugby players to test the effects of tribulus on testosterone in a double blind, randomized, placebo controlled manner. Subjects took tribulus supplementation or a placebo then completed the same exercises every day for 5 weeks. After the trial period ended, the urinary testosterone/epitestosterone ratios, strength, and fat free mass had no differences between the two groups. (1)

Similarly a review was written regarding 11 human and animal trials that had been conducted to test the effects of tribulus on testosterone levels. While it may be able to increase testosterone levels in some species of animals, this change does not occur in human subjects. (3)

As you can see, the research done to test this ingredient does not support the notion that tribulus can increase testosterone levels. But, what if you don’t need testosterone and just want an extra boost in the bedroom?

Another review was done to evaluate the aphrodisiac properties of this herb. Twelve studies were collected to help evaluate this potential benefit. Researchers found that Tribulus’ use in this manner is, “at best, inconclusive.” It was concluded that the traditional view of tribulus is, “outdated and incapable for accommodating the emerging evidence from recent clinical and experimental studies.”  (2)

Why is it Important to Have a Testosterone Booster?

Having a testosterone boosting supplement is one of the best ways to increase your testosterone levels in a safe and effective manner. 

When you have a high quality supplement made with an effective formula you will get intense muscle gain, powerful testosterone increases, and impressive fat loss. Plus, it can be a great way to get an extra boost in the bedroom. 

Increasing testosterone levels can also help you improve bone health, support cognitive functions, better your mood, and increase your general well being. (4)

How Does This Formula Compare to Other Formulas?

When compared to most other, higher quality, testosterone boosters, Tribulus Ultra High Potency doesn’t really fit in. High quality testosterone boosters use ingredients that are based on and supported by research and contain multiple ingredients that can help you boost your levels. 

This formula only contains one ingredient that science has shown doesn’t affect testosterone levels. With such a poor design, it can’t compete with high quality products. 

You may possibly be able to use this to help increase libido, but for any other testosterone induced benefits, we suggest looking into a better product.


We’ve compiled user reviews, ingredient profiles, and company reputation to come up with top…


Rating: 4.9 | Made In USA

Bottom Line: Does Prime Test Work?

Quality: This supplement was not made with quality in mind. It contains one ingredient that doesn’t affect testosterone levels. We were also disappointed to find that customers were being bribed with a free bottle for good reviews. This kind of tactic is used in low quality companies. Quality is very important when it comes to supplements, so seeing a product that doesn’t have good quality is disappointing.

Value: There is only one ingredient in these capsules and it doesn’t meet the claims about this product. While it is a cheap option, it is not worth the money you spend. When looking for testosterone boosters more valuable products often cost more, but they are well worth the money in the end. This supplement, as a testosterone booster, has a very low value that is below the selling price.

Results: While some customers have had good results from this product, many customers were very displeased. There is a good amount of 5 star reviews, but they aren’t the most trustworthy, considering a 5 star review is a requirement in order to receive a free bottle. A lot of customers who have used this product saw no positive benefits and only found a plethora of negative side effects. Results like this lower the value of the product and show poor quality. Unfortunately, many customers who have purchased Prime Test found this out the hard way and ended up being very disappointed.

Bottom Line:

Overall, some customers have found that it is an effective testosterone boosting strategy. But, unfortunately, when a lot of customers used this supplement they only found that it causes side effects without providing any of the promised benefits. 

There is nothing in this formula that helps raise testosterone levels, increase sport performance, or support muscle growth. But, it is possible for customers to get a placebo effect from it. 

At the end of the day the decision is yours. But, if you are looking for our opinion, this supplement won’t give you the results that you want. We suggest looking into higher quality products that actually work. They may be a little more expensive, but the price is definitely worth what you get.

Tribulus Ultra High Potency by Toniiq FAQ's

Is there a money back guarantee? As far as we can tell there is no money back guarantee that comes with this product. In this industry, there is a standard of at least a 60 day money back guarantee. The fact that this hasn’t been offered at all is a red flag.

How long does each bottle last? Each bottle of 120 capsules gives you a full 60 day supply. This meets the industry standard and we are happy to see that each bottle will last this long.

Is Tribulus Ultra High Potency safe? Yes, tribulus can cause moderate side effects but most side effects are not severe. It is safe to take but, if you start to see any side effects from its use, we recommend stopping and consulting your doctor before taking it again.

Can I sign up for an autoship program? Yes, when you purchase this product on amazon you can sign up for an autoship program called “subscribe and save.” We do not recommend signing up for these types of programs. By not falling prey to this you can avoid unwanted charges for a product you will never use.

Is Tribulus Ultra High Potency Vegan Friendly? Yes! The capsules are made of vegan friendly materials and the formula contains a vegan friendly ingredient.

  1. Rogerson, Shane et al. “The effect of five weeks of Tribulus terrestris supplementation on muscle strength and body composition during preseason training in elite rugby league players.” Journal of strength and conditioning research vol. 21,2 (2007): 348-53. doi:10.1519/R-18395.1
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